Vision Board Ultimate Guide (Tips, FAQ, and Secrets to Success)

Ready to learn everything you need to make an awesome vision board that actually works? There’s more to making a vision board than glueing images onto poster board. Want to hear more? Read on for this Vision Board Ultimate Guide (Tips, FAQ, and Secrets to Success).

Ultimate Guide to Vision Boards That Work

Ultimate Guide to Vision Boards Table of Contents

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What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, desires, dreams, and more. Vision boards are typically made by collecting representative images and putting them on some sort of base, depending on whether you’re making a physical or digital vision board.

A vision board is also more than just a craft project if you know what you’re doing. They can become quite the powerful tool or technique for manifestation.

What Is the Difference Between a Dream Board and a Vision Board?

There are many different opinions on whether a dream board and vision board are the same thing. To me, the terms can be used interchangeably. They are both visual representations of your dream life in some capacity.

I’ve researched the definition of both dream boards and vision boards. So far, I haven’t read anything compelling enough to consider them different for me.

But I’m always willing to learn and change my mind. If I do, I’ll update this post.

That being said, they may feel different to you. And I recommend going with what feels best to you.

What Does a Vision Board Do?

Vision Boards are a manifestation method that can help you manifest your goals, desires, and dreams to your reality. You can use a vision board to gain clarity on your dream life. Or simply create a visual representation of your dream life.

What Are the Two Types of Vision Boards?

There are two main types of vision boards:

  1. Physical Vision Boards
  2. Digital Vision Boards

Physical vision boards are made with physical materials while digital vision boards are made with digital materials.

See the next section for more details on the difference between physical and digital vision boards.

What Is the Difference Between a Physical vs Digital Vision Board?

Physical and digital vision boards can look nearly identical and be made in similar styles. The main difference is in the materials and methods used to put the vision boards together.

Physical Vision Boards

Vision Board Success: Injury Recovery / Fitness Goals
Here’s a vision board I personally made and used to heal from a back injury

Physical vision boards: exist in your physical world, typically made with physical objects like poster board, scrap book paper, magazine cut-outs, other images, and craft supples.

Types of Physical Vision Boards

There are many types of physical vision boards:

  • Collages of magazine clippings on poster board
  • Photo collages on scrapbook paper
  • Graphic collages on cork board
  • Collages of various pictures that get framed
  • And anything your mind can imagine

Scroll below for ideas of what to put on your vision board. Hint: It’s not just for photos!

Digital Vision Boards

Example of a digital vision board using one of my templates

Digital vision boards: exist in your digital world, typically made on your computer, iPad, or phone. This type is usually made online with some sort of software and digital photos. If you printed your digital vision board, that would now be a physical board.

Types of Digital Vision Boards

There are lot of cool types of digital vision boards – most are different based on the size and shape:

Other than how they’re made and where they exist, both types of boards can be equally powerful.

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    Vision Board Examples

    Check out these awesome vision board examples I found online.

    Phases of Making a Vision Board

    While most people think there is one vision board phase (simply making it), there are actually three:

    1. Planning (Before): In the planning phase of vision board creation you can assess your goals, your satisfaction with different areas of your life, etc. to get clarity on what type of vision board you want to make and what you want to put on it
    2. Making (During): In the making phase, you find the visual representation of the goals, desires, and dreams you identified in the planning phase and put them together in a single vision board
    3. Using (After): In the using phase, you actually use your vision board to bring your vision board to your reality

    Which one do you think is most important?

    You can learn more about each phase in my Vision Board Quick Start Bundle, which is totally free!

    What to Put on a Vision Board

    Wondering what should be included in a vision board? People typically put images that represent their dream life on their vision board. See a list of ideas below.

    Typically, vision boards represent our hopes, dreams, desires, and goals for a particular period of time or theme. Though you can really make any type of vision board you’d like. Feel free to break the rules.

    What should a vision board include (typically):

    • Photos, pictures, and other imagery (like magazine clippings)
    • Inspirational Quotes
    • Vision Board Affirmations
    • Vision Board Words
    • Stickers
    • Other decorative craft supplies
    • And anything else that helps you feel positive about your dreams

    When in doubt, tap into your intuition and add what you feel pulled to add. And feel free to make your vision board as crafty as you’d like. Glitter anyone?

    What Should You Not Put on a Vision Board?

    The only thing I recommend not putting on your vision board is anything you don’t actually want to manifest.


    A vision board is a way of telling the Universe what you want. For asking the Universe / God / your higher power to deliver something in your real life.

    I’ve heard many stories of people who made vision boards and then set them aside and forgot about them. Later, they realized that something they had put on their vision board showed up in their real life.

    (This has even happened to me! lol)

    Of course, this is usually a happy surprise.

    But vision boards are super powerful, so if you don’t want it, don’t add it to your vision board.

    Other than that, you should add anything to your vision board that makes you happy and helps you get into positive energy about the dream life you’re manifesting with your vision board.

    Best Vision Board Supplies

    To keep this page from becoming too long, I’ve covered the Best Vision Board Supplies on a separate post – click here for that post.

    How to Create a Vision Board

    There are SO many beautiful ways to make a vision board. I’m going to be creating multiple tutorials for this. Here’s what I have currently available.

    How to Create a Digital Vision Board

    How to Make a Vision Board with Canva {Desktop Wallpaper}

    How to Make a Vision Board on Pinterest {In 5 Minutes!}

    Want to get a detailed tutorial on how to make vision boards and basically make your vision board with me? You’ll love my Virtual Vision Board Party!

    The Key to a Vision Board That Works

    The key to creating a vision board that works is…being intentional.

    Many people, myself included, approach vision boards like a craft project. Gather a bunch of cool supplies, find the best magazines, cut some images out, glue them down, done-zo!

    But if you’re familiar with manifestation and how that really works, you’ll know that energy is more important that thoughts. And it’s definitely more important than images too.

    Rather than putting a bunch of photos together because they’re pretty or it was convenient, spend some time getting in touch with what’s really important for you through journaling and other reflection.

    Vision Board Ultimate Guide Summary

    Vision boards are a powerful manifestation technique and tool…when used properly. Simply adding photos onto poster board will not necessarily invoke the Law of Attraction. But you don’t need many special things to get great results with vision boards.

    It’s no wonder there are so many success stories of those who share how bit by bit, each photo from their vision board started showing up in their real life. I’ve heard the stories. And I’ve experienced successes too!

    Vision boards are great for all levels. Beyond manifestation potential, they’re also great for helping you get clarity on what you really want in life, as well as to dream big!

    More Vision Board and Manifestation Tips

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