• 1 Mile Down, 2 To Go

    I woke up a little apprehensive this morning…slightly worried because I’d promised to go running with friends. You guys know I’m so not a runner. But, I’m trying. I had a quick breakfast of Barney Butter toast and nice, hot coffee. I met up with Brittney and we went off to find Emily and Michelle. […]


  • Lil Pig

    LOVED reading your comments on the wardrobe situation – glad to hear I’m not the only one! After putting on my questionably-age-appropriate outfit for the day, I scoped out the garden and plucked a ripe green zebra tomato. Love these little guys! *** We went shoe shopping! I hit up my fave section of the […]


  • Wardrobe Age = College

    Morning friends! Sad to miss the farmers market this morning. But glad to sleep in. Egg/organic veggie scramble with onions, bell pepper and spinach with toast/butter. Plus the ever-wonderful coffee. I must really be sugared out because hubby offered to pick up a cinnamon roll from Great Harvest today and I turned him down! Ahh…the […]