• Sneer-y Puppy

    TGIF! Woke up a little late, so I made a quick breakfast of chocolate PB toast, fried egg, and coffee. I celebrated Starbucks Friday since I missed it this Monday. Grande vanilla soy latte. Took a short cut and had a frozen meal for lunch. I love these Organic Bistro meals for frozen. They have […]


  • Desi Girl

    I had more afternoon snacks to try to energize for my first public zumba class with my dance fitness company. Salad: organic baby spinach, organic carrots, organic green bell pepper, Green Zebra tomatoes from my garden, sunflower seeds, rosemary balsamic dressing. Adora calcium disc (free sample from HLS). Banana…which I put into… Oats! Perfect workout […]


  • Tracking Activity

    Woke up feeling a bit better today. Should have left my alarm off and slept in, though. Oh well. Hubby brought me some coffee so I pepped up pretty quickly. I had a Pink Guava Coconut Water first thing for some electrolytes, vitamin C, and potassium. Hydration first thing seemed like a great idea. Breakfast […]