Whole Health Noodle Soup {Recipe}

I know you guys know I like my noodle bowls, but this week, I’ve been feeling something else – noodle soup! And by the way, is it just me, or do the words “noodle soup” conjure up memories of Joey on Friends? “Mmm…soup…I mean noodle soup! I mean soup!” Oh Joey…


I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, so I’ve had a big, hot, comforting bowl of noodle soup every day for lunch this week so far.


I love them because they’re so easy to throw together and taste great. They even use a lot of pantry ingredients (boxed broth, dry noodles, long-storing tofu, and you could probably use frozen vegetables, though I prefer fresh).


I’ve made a few variations this week – all using tofu because it was easier to cook than meat since I basically just warmed it through in the last couple minutes of cooking. But, you could easily cook chicken, etc. in the broth, or even saute it in a separate pan and add it to the soup (or even serve it on top!).


Today I tried a new type of noodle – spelt (love!) soba. I thought they were really good, not that they were all that different from other soba (or even udon) noodles. I’ve found the Eden Organic brand noodles to be a bit thicker than some others, so they take about twice as long to cook and will yield a different texture. There are other brands that cook faster if you’re in even more of a rush. Honestly, I usually just buy whichever one is on sale.


Whole Health Noodle Soup

One big bowl of noodle soup is sure to comfort a sore throat, warm you from the inside, and just make you feel better overall. But, you don’t need to be sick to enjoy this dish. Noodle soup makes a great light lunch or dinner when you want something small, stress-free, and/or quick.

Overall cook time will depend on how long your noodles take. The ones I used for this recipe cook in 8-10 minutes, so adjust cooking time as needed.

Ingredient amount ranges are provided below so you can use the amount you prefer depending on taste preferences and hunger levels. I really love vegetables, so I get pretty heavy-handed with them. Love onions? Add more! Hate garlic? Leave it out, or go with one clove. Feeling famished? Maybe add in some extra noodles and tofu. Customize!

*Vegetarian* *Vegan*

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15-20 minutes (depending on how long your noodles take to cook)
Serves: 1


  • 1 1/2 cups broth (vegetable – or chicken if you want to go non-vegetarian/non-vegan)
  • 1/2 cup water (or just use more broth)
  • small handful noodles – about 1/4-1/2″ in diameter, depending on how much you want
  • 1-3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1/8-1/4 cup onions, chopped
  • 1/2-1 cup broccoli florets, cut into small pieces
  • 1/4-1/2 cup fresh baby spinach
  • 1/4-1/2 cup tofu
  • 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • fresh cracked black pepper
  • sesame seeds, optional


  1. Pour broth and water into a small/medium pot and bring to a boil.
  2. Add onions and garlic. Add noodles, gently pushing dry noodles into the broth. Set timer for recommended cook time following package. Note: The package I used had a cook time of 8-10 minutes
  3. With 4 minutes left on the timer, add broccoli and stir into soup.
  4. With 2 minutes left on the timer, add spinach, tofu, and 1 teaspoon soy sauce.
  5. Cook until spinach is wilted and tofu is warmed through (this should be done in the 2 minutes remaining on the timer). Taste test and add additional soy sauce for more of a salty flavor and add pepper as you like.
  6. Pour into a large bowl. Garnish with sesame seeds, if you want. Serve and enjoy.


Dear noodle soup, I love you. <3


Hubby brought home a snack for me today – a pumpkin scone from Starbucks. I really liked the flavor, but thought the icing was a little overwhelming in sweetness levels. I prefer how they do the icing drizzle on their cinnamon scones. Anywho, I’d really like to try to make some pumpkin scones from scratch some time. They’d be a great brunch item for this time of year.


But uber-sweet or not, I thought the scone was very thoughtful. :) Thanks hubby!


And one more photo I had to share from today – I found Bailey lounging on the couch just like this earlier today. I think his butt is about one foot higher than his head. Silly boy!


Thanks so much for reading guys! Want to read TCL easier? You can get free updates by clicking here.


Reader question: What’s your favorite type of noodle? Whole wheat spaghetti, regular angel hair, spelt soba, udon, ramen…?

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  1. Yussy says

    Hahaha I love Joey! You made me lol when I read your post! :) And you’re absolutely right the scones are tasty but the icing is way too sweet… You should try to come up with a not so sweet version for us!

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