Marinated Kale Recipe


I’ve owed you guys this recipe for ages now, but thanks to a reminder from reader Karen, I’m actually posting it!


Here it is – my recipe for Marinated Kale! It’s so easy (no cooking!), tasty and healthful – give it a go!

What does it taste like? Well, kale to me, in general, is sort of like spinach except with a much heartier texture. Spinach is tender and bruises easily while kale holds up nicely (which is why a lot of recipes ask you to “massage” the kale – it tenderizes without bruising). Once marinated, the kale will soften up a bit, but it will still have a bite to it, texture-wise. The flavor mostly comes from the sauce ingredients, which end up being salty yet sweet with the lovely flavor of sesame oil ever prevalent and bits of fresh garlic and ginger popping up here and there.

Anywho, I LOVE to make a big batch of this to start a week. It’s an easy side veggie to take to work – just pack some into a tupperware – no re-heating necessary. You just need a fork! Makes a great vegetable serving.

On to the recipe…

First up – some visuals:


Be sure to triple wash your kale – it’s usually pretty gritty when you get it home from the store. I usually tear my kale into smaller pieces with my hands while I’m doing the washing part, but you can also chop it with a knife.


Other key ingredients: Tamari, Sesame Oil.


Whisk up sauce.


Add sauce to kale and massage – preferably with your hands. Why? Well, it seems like you can get away with using less sauce if you just rub it in a little. I believe most people massage their kale to tenderize it, but I just like to ensure my kale is well-coated without being in a puddle of sauce.


Add sesame seeds. Done-zo!


Marinated Kale Recipe

Raw, Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free


  • 1 bunch kale (curly leaves, not dinosaur), triple-washed, cut or ripped into small 1-2 inch pieces (1 inch pieces will be easier to eat later)
  • 2 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 1/2 tbsp tamari (use wheat-free if you’re going GF)
  • 1 tsp minced garlic (you can omit this but it’s so much more flavorful with it!)
  • 1 tsp minced ginger (same note as for garlic)
  • 1-3 tbsp sesame seeds depending on how much you like them.


  1. Place prepped kale into a large bowl.
  2. In a separate small to medium bowl, whisk together sesame oil and tamari till emulsified/combined nicely. Whisk in garlic and ginger.
  3. Pour sauce over kale and massage sauce into the kale (this will help ensure all pieces of kale are covered.
  4. Add sesame seeds to the kale (if you’re not sure if you’d rather go 1 or 3 tbsp, I suggest adding 1 and mixing up and checking coverage. You can always add more sesame seeds but you can’t take them back out…not easily at least).
  5. Store in an air-tight container. NOTE: You may wish to make your kale the night before you want to eat it so it has time for the flavors to combine.
  6. Enjoy!


DIY Zumba Top + Goji Berry Banana Smoothie


Nothing like dancing in the morning to put you in a happy mood for the rest of the day, right?


I have some new songs I’d like to learn how to lead, so I try to practice them every once in awhile when I have a free moment. I thought going over one this morning to wake up and get my blood flowing was a good idea. I think it was! I’m doing Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz. ;)


We need to do some serious grocery shopping, produce-wise. With a shortage of fruits in the house, I decided to make some energy bite oatmeal using an Energy Bite I had stowed away in the freezer.


Coffee + oatmeal



Other ingredients: 1/2 milk, 1/2 water, chia seeds, sliced almonds, flaxseed meal and Galaxy Granola (*).


So cozy, so perfect in the morning!

I got to WFH today, which means better than normal eats.




I made me and hubby Goji Berry Banana smoothies (2 frozen bananas, small handful dried goji berries, milk till consistency was to liking).


His was prettier because I added some green-colored Vega Health Optimizer in vanilla chai to mine.

Mine tasted darn good, though! I thought it tasted like frosting!!!!


I cooked up some tofu for lunch. Nasoya cubed – so you don’t have to press it.


I chopped up my marinated kale from yesterday (still too much marinade!) and set it on a paper towel to soak up some of that extra marinade.


I topped it with some steamed broccoli.


And I hoped the bland broccoli would help balance the overly flavored kale. It worked out pretty good, but I still prefer my broccoli with just some melted butter.



Lunch was pretty fab, though it was on the light side.


I carbed up with a couple handfuls of pretzels…


…a piece of orange marmalade toast…


…and a piece of Barney Butter toast with chia seeds. Yea…I like toast. A lot! :) It helps when you’re short on time and need groceries. :lol:


I also got to finish my Honest Tea today – this stuff is yum-o!




I got a cool sample in the mail today: Lighter Living Probiotic Bars (*). Neat-o! I like how these seem to be a non-dairy source of probiotics. I mean, Id need to look at the ingredient list again (I think they have a yogurt topping), because they might contain some dairy, but it’s not like you have to eat a cup of yogurt for the beneficial probiotics. The ingredient list is almost (if not) all organic and looks to have some good stuff, including dates as the first ingredient. I love dates!


I got 3 different flavors: Chocolate, Lemon Poppyseed, Apricot Coconut. They all sound amazing – I can’t wait to dig in!

DIY De-Constructed Zumba Top

I took a cue from my Z Life Magazine and decided to go a la Tanya and cut up a tank top. Since this would be my first cutting experiment, I decided to test out something on the cheaper side. Unfortunately, the cheapest thing I could find was an $8 tank top from Target…too much money to throw away in the event my cutting experiment failed, but it turned out okay. Woohoo!


I gathered my materials – tank top, scissors, rotary cutter, chalk pencil, mat, guide.

I actually put on my tank top so I could see how far up the side to start making cuts and where in the front to do the diagonal cuts. I eyeballed some marks with my chalk and figured I’d clean them up once I could use a straight line.


First, I cut some slits down the side. I made 5 cuts, each measured 1 inch apart.



I decided to convert the tank top to a halter top. You can check out this tutorial (click) to see how I did this. I basically went straight along the top of the back.


I did the diagonal cuts – drawing the lines, then making the cuts. I spaced these by an inch also. It seemed to be good spacing for the cut lines.

I did 2 rows of the diagonal cuts – a lower section of 3 and an upper section of 3.



Guess I should have gotten some photos in class, eh? Oh well, these will have to do.

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Drink Mix


I tested out my other Vega Sport Natural Plant-Based Performance Optimizer today. This one was the same as the other, but a different flavor – Acai Berry.

I actually have a really fun experiment/case study/test planned with this stuff…details soon!

Here are some photos of the packaging for the curious:




I swear this stuff really works! I think I need to buy a jug! Can’t wait to see how my experiment with this product works out.

Oh and I definitely prefer the Acai Berry flavor to the Lemon Lime. The Acai was less grassy and more berry-licious!



Hubby and I went out after my workout to see my friend Dana. I wore too-tall heels when I should have worn flip flops or something. I have more fun when I can walk easier. :lol: Though we didn’t stay out long, it was good to get out and see our friends!

Hmm…now…what to eat for tomorrow morning? Is it sad that I’m already thinking about what yummy things I can eat for breakfast? I think not! ;)

Reader Question: Are you more concerned with how you look or how comfortable you are when you go out (with friends, for dinner, etc)? Which is more important – fashion or comfort?

Bonus reader question: Do you have any de-constructed DIY tops like my cut-up zumba top? Send me your photos! thechiclife at gmail dot com. The cutting bug has caught me and I’m itching to snip up another top soon…I need inspiration!

A Real Tofu-Kale-Soba-Noodle Dinner


My body has finally started signaling it’s ready to eat real food again. I’ve been craving tofu-soba-noodles since yesterday and finally made a batch tonight to enjoy.

But first…

I wanted to try one of my Nicobella Organic Vegan Truffle samples (*). I figured they don’t have dairy in them, so I should be able to eat one, right? :)


Eeny, meeny, miny…



I decided to try the walnut flaxseed crunch.


The vegan truffle was really good!

I plan to do a full review of the Nicobella vegan organic truffles soon (once I’ve sampled all the flavors), so I’ll save the details for then, but what was most noticeable about this truffle over traditional ones, to me, was that this one didn’t leave me feeling heavy or on a sugar high! Nice!


Ok, on to dinner!


I finally got to test out the Tofu press (*) Nasoya sent me a couple weeks ago.


The press was a cinch to use and was so much easier than stacking pots/pans and cans to weigh my tofu down. Thank you Nasoya!!


So like I was saying, I was really craving soba noodles with tofu and veggies. I guess your body just let’s you know when it’s ready for something, ya know? I must be ready for real food again. I’ve been eating pretty well today (especially compared to the last couple days).


Ingredients assembled/cleaned/prepped.


Again…using a too small pot for all the big, leafy greens I wanted to cook! :lol:




I did a play on one of my faves – my 3, 2, 1 Vegetarian Noodles (click for recipe), except I just used kale. I missed the other veggies but wasn’t up to going to the grocery store to get the others.

Hubby was out watching the basketball games, so my friend Megan came over for some girl-talk. ;)


We made sure to have some time for…CHOCOLATE! As in some vegan chocolate chip cookies, which I made earlier today.

Oh yea!!!!!!!




No Project Hydrate Updates for today. I haven’t really been keeping track since I first started feeling under the weather. I’m hoping to pick up again tomorrow, though.

Did you see the fun + eats from hubby’s beer brewing extravaganza? One of my favorite photos from the last couple weeks is in that post – it’s the hummus – the one taken from the side. Love!

Check out this post for some weight loss / diet / healthy eating tips gathered from one of the coolest TV shows I’ve seen lately.

Who’s excited about something they gave up for Lent that they’ll get to enjoy again tomorrow?!

Clean Food: Tuscan Bean Soup





Oh, hello there! I didn’t see you.

Want to see my latest hobby?


Bet you’ve never seen a dog do Zumba before, huh?

Ok, Ima go dance and let mommy take it away…




I snacked on mini banana nut muffins all afternoon and sort of missed lunch. I also didn’t hydrate up quite like I should. Doh!


To help my hydration efforts, I prepped a yerba mate latte to take with me when I went out to run errands.


Bridesmaid dress…check!

I got some clothes shopping done, too. You can read about my clothes shopping over at my fashion blog – Shopaholics Anonymous. I don’t talk about it much, and I don’t update it as often as I used to, but it’s there. Some of you guys even already knew about it!


After shopping, it was time to get groceries. Since I basically missed lunch, I decided to get a snack before shopping. Since I was already at a grocery store with food, Earthfare, I decided to hit up their food bars: mac and cheese, okra and tomatoes, a bite of pecan pie.

It was just enough to give me a boost to get my shopping done and keep me satisfied till I could get dinner cooked.





As soon as I got home, I was ready to pick up another Prep Day Sunday. Hubby picked our recipe: Clean Food’s Tuscan Bean Soup.



Ingredients assembled.


Have you ever cooked with Kombu before?

According to The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth by Jonny Bowden, Kombu is good for bean cooking because it can speed up the process and make the beans more easy to digest. Also, Kombu “contains potassium, calcium, vitamins A and C, and between 100 and 500 times the iodine of shellfish. According to natural-foods expert Rebecca Wood, kombu should not be eaten excessively during pregnancy.


Kombu soaking.





I think I’ll use a bigger pot next time. :lol:


Kale and kombu going into the pot.


Such pretty colors going on in the soup!



Olive-oil drizzled over bread, broiled.


Dinner is served.


Plenty of toasty, crusty bread. Carbs are the best, aren’t they?



As for the soup, it was AWESOME! Hubby said it was one of the best soups he’s ever had, EVER! If you don’t have Clean Food yet, you should definitely get it. There are no meat recipes in there, but just try some of them – you won’t miss the meat!


Hubby and I had our dinner portions and we had plenty leftover for the week. I think I may even pop one of these into the freezer for a rainy day. I actually prefer making enough so I can freeze some, but we’ve been eating our soups too fast!


Oh and I also prepped some nuts and seeds for the freezer. I like to buy these in the bulk bins in small amounts and store them in the freezer. I feel like the large pre-packaged bags go bad on me too fast, plus buying in the bulk bin saves money on packaging and the packaging itself. Less packaging = less waste. Go Green!




Q&A with The Chic Life

I’ve answered some more Formspring questions:

I love the turquoise you use in decorating. Any tips on how to add turquoise to a neutral (Beige) room?

Ooh, I think turquoise would look fab in a beige room! Beige is so neutral, it should be easy to add some turquoise accents. I would try to add turquoise via 3-4 accent items, for example pillows, curtains, vases, artwork, throw blanket, or lamps. You could get items that are patterned with turquoise in them or solid turquoise items. The latter will be stronger in effect, but a mix of patterned and non-patterned stuff would look great, too. Plus, by using a pattern, you can get another accent color by using one of the other colors from the pattern. Of course, if you want turquoise to be dominant, be sure to use more of that color.

If you really wanted to go all out, you could try painting one wall as a focal wall in turquoise.

How often do you work out each week and for how long??

I try to do cardio about 1-3 times a week, depending on my schedule. I don’t give myself a hard time for skipping a workout here or there. I also try to give my body a rest day after a workout day.

I’d like to add strength training to my workouts, but I haven’t put enough focus there yet. I’m hoping to do a fitness challenge in April to give myself an extra push. :)

PS I forgot to add to my Formspring answer – my cardio workouts are typically one hour long and I usually do about 5 minutes of warm up moves before hand and 5-10 minutes of stretching afterwards.

Being a Zumba teacher – Do you get offended if one of your students lets you know they don’t love a certain section of the class?

Not really b/c I know there are songs other instructors do that are not my favorites. There are so many different personalities and styles out there, I don’t think everyone will love everything you do. You just hope they like most of it enough to not mind the parts they don’t love.

Another Zumba question for you….I saw that you received your instructor certification. I am looking into doing the same thing, but have no other fitness related certifications. Was it worth it? Do you currently teach classes in your area?? Thanks!!

You don’t have to have any other certifications to get zumba certified, however a lot of gyms/facilities will ask you to get other certifications (certs. required will vary from gym to gym). I totally think it was worth it! Especially if you actually want to teach, though I think some people do the certification to improve their zumba skills. I’m not currently teaching. :( But, I hope to soon! :)

Where do you buy all your Tupperware containers? I don’t know anyone who sells it so I’ve been looking on Ebay.

Ah, someone else asked about Tupperware. Here’s what I said:

I like to buy them at craft shows or vendor events where there are lots of different people with tables set up with goodies. A lot of times they run specials at these shows and you can get the Tupperware at a discount. I’d also look into hosting a Tupperware party if you’re interested so you can get some of your Tupperware for FREE! :) You can use the Tupperware web site to locate a consultant near you: As far as I know, they are sort of like Mary Kay in that they run the business from their home and go to various events to sell their goods, but they also do in-home parties if you’re interested in hosting something.

Where do you buy the Tupperware containers you show often on your blog?

I like to buy them at craft shows or vendor events where there are lots of different people with tables set up with goodies. A lot of times they run specials at these shows and you can get the Tupperware at a discount. I’d also look into hosting a Tupperware party if you’re interested so you can get some of your Tupperware for FREE! :) You can use the Tupperware web site to locate a consultant near you: As far as I know, they are sort of like Mary Kay in that they run the business from their home and go to various events to sell their goods, but they also do in-home parties if you’re interested in hosting something.

As summer approaches and the weather is getting warmer, I’m craving a peach dessert, or perhaps a peach variation on your morning oats. Could you recommend and try out some new peach recipes?? :)

omg peach oatmeal is SUCH a good idea! It reminds me of one of those old-school Quaker packages but BETTER! I am a big fan of peaches myself (though hubby is not). I would LOVE to work up a peach recipe or two for you. I’ll be looking for the peaches at the farmers markets!

When you shop at a farmers market, do you have to pay cash?

At most farmers markets I’ve been to, yes, you have to pay cash. Some of the larger ones will accept other forms (checks, credit cards), but I highly recommend paying cash. Besides making the transaction easier, it will save the farmers money. Credit card processing companies charge fees to the farmers (typically monthly and per transaction), which are easier for a large corporation to pay than for a small farmer. :)

You are fabulous. Okay, that’s not a question. Just had to put it out there. LOVE YOU!!! xoxo Megan :)

Aww, thanks sweetie! You’re pretty awesome yourself! ;) love you too!! *hugs* Diana

you’re beautiful! What is your skincare regime?

Thank you! I’m so flattered! :) I made a post to answer your question:

Project Hydrate Day #14

Oops, I skipped Day #13. I didn’t do very well with Day #13.

Day #14 – I was so distracted baking mini muffins and blogging about my beauty products and skin regime that I forgot to drink water. Doh!

I drank 2 cups of water quickly in the afternoon to try to make-up for time. Then, I brewed up some hot tea to take with me to run errands – this helped me get another 1-2 cups easily.


  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cup hot tea

Meh, not so hot today. Must be the weekends!

How are you doing with Project Hydrate?


Weigh in on restaurant portions on this post (click).

Take a look at some of the discussions going on on my Facebook page and be my friend while you’re there. If you have a Facebook page, would you consider making my page a favorite? :)

Check out my favorite beauty products and let me know what yours are.

Can you believe one year ago today I was blogging about my trip to Lombard St? I wanna go back to San Fran so badly!

Chocolate Cherry Oats + A Bday Dinner


Happy Project Hydrate Day #2!


I wanted to do something fun with the dried cherries I picked up this weekend.



Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal

In the pot:

  • 1/3 cup 2% organic milk
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 tsp flaxseed
  • 1/2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

Cooked stove top till thickened up (don’t let it boil if you use milk or it will curdle). Add a chopped date and small handful chopped dried cherries.


I wish I would have added more unsweetened cocoa powder! I will do that next time b/c the flavor combo was pretty sweet!




Breakfast was awesome but work started out pretty stressfully. As a result, I forgot to drink any water until 10:30am because I was so distracted!


I finally remembered to drink something and made a mug of yerba mate latte (yerba mate with sugar and some cream).


Wow! Yerba Mate is so good and so much better than black tea! I think I’m converted!


I had lunch #1 around 11:30 am – marinated kale and a toasted Great Harvest honey whole wheat roll (no toppings). I felt like spacing my eats out over the day, along with my water consumption.


Mmm…kale. I can’t wait to share my recipe with you guys!


Around 2pm I had lunch #2 – Moosewood Organic Vegetarian Macaroni & Three Cheeses.


I ran into a snafu with the box when I couldn’t find the cooking directions. I noticed this end of the box looked like it should have contained instructions and upon further investigation…


I discovered the directions behind the white cardboard – they just closed the box with the wrong flap on the outside.


As you guys know, I’m not a fan of frozen meals in general, but I’ve found some really great options at Earthfare lately – perfect for busy, working me.


I love the little stories they put on frozen foods.


Nutrition Facts.


Look! An ingredient list you can read! Shocking! haha Honestly, this is why I prefer these healthy grocery store frozen meals – they use real ingredients – things I can prounce, not strange chemicals.


Overall, I thought the mac and cheese was pretty good. Not as good as my Dad’s recipe, but it’s hard to beat a homemade version, no? This version reminded me of a healthier Stouffers.


In the afternoon I met up briefly with Megan (looking all business-y and pretty in her suit!).


We took a quick chit-chat break and I enjoyed a frozen probiotic yogurt with blueberries and strawberries. The yogurt was sooo good! The perfect sweet and tart combo!


Tulsi tea in the afternoon.

IMG_2168.jpg IMG_2170.jpg

I had a couple mini pieces of candy when a chocolate craving hit.

I didn’t leave work till 6:30 pm and then headed out to meet some friends for a b-day dinner.



We hit up Macaroni Grill.


I had a glass of the Placido pinot grigio.


I adore balsamic vinegar  in the olive oil for bread dipping. Yum yum!


B-day girl Dana (aka RE) digging into the foccacia. Is that stuff addicting or what?



I traded my neighbor, Jim, some of my caesar salad for a slice of his mozzarella caprese salad. Ok, make that two pieces. :) This is probably my fave salad at Mac Grill, but I usually don’t order it since I can finish it.


Caesar salad. Did they go heavy on the cheese or what?! lol


For my entree I got the Grilled Salmon with a teriyaki glaze, spinach orzo pasta. The fresh squeezed lemon really makes the flavors pop.


Bread – I had a couple more pieces than this. The stuff is irresistible!

I didn’t quite manage to finish my entree. I ate about half. The portions at MG are so big – I usually try to split something with hubby (he was home sick – poor guy!).



Make a wish!


Dana was a sweetheart and shared her cake. I had a couple bites. Plus, I got a small bite of tiramisu from one of Dana’s friends.


Totally snacked on a couple small pieces of granola when I got home. I may have messed up my granola bars, but the bars that didn’t cut into rectangles will still be eaten! :)

Happy Birthday Dana!!!!!!!!!

* * * * *

Project Hydrate Day #2

I let myself get distracted and didn’t get started on my water consumption till 10:30! I think starting earlier in the day is going to be the key to my success in getting properly hydrated.

Hot tea is working really well for me. Not only does it help me keep warm in the office, it’s good for me and tastes yummy.


  • 1 cup coffee consumed but I didn’t count it towards the total
  • Pink bottle – finished around 2:30pm
  • 2 cups of hot tea consumed – yay!
  • 2/3 of the turquoise bottle consumed – oops! almost made it!
  • 1 glass wine consumed but not counted towards the total

I know people say that you can get hydration from coffee and other foods/liquids, but I’m trying to be a stickler to start and I’m only counting the water and tea for now.

What are you counting towards your total hydration goal? How did you do with Day #2?

Mac and Kale




I kicked off today with the last of our Great Harvest cinnamon swirl bread. I really think this stuff is pretty good for you since it’s whole grain. The sugar is the unhealthiest part.


MS “sausage” for protein. Carbs + Protein + Fat = Good Breakfast


Coffee = Happy Me

Fresh Market Spring Blend Coffee = Extra Happy Me :)


I had a lot of stuff to take with me to work today: lunch, snacks, granola bars for my zumba friends (Kat, I gave Stacy yours – go to her class this week lady), WATER (hello Project Hydrate!), and I put a couple tea bags of my new Yerba Mate in a plastic baggie to keep at work.





I typically don’t do so hot drinking water in the morning. I seem to consume most of it after lunch but before 4pm. If I have hot tea in the morning, I do a lot better, but I could use some more H2O. So, this morning, I reminded myself to get started on my first bottle of water. I had twice as much water to drink than normal and I really wanted to spread my water consumption over the course of the day. I started with my new pink Gaiam water bottle.


The result of my AM water-guzzling? I downsized my Starbucks Monday. Instead of a grande, I got a tall vanilla soy latte. I was feeling pretty full from the water, so I figured a tall would be just enough. Saved myself some money and calories! (Not that I’m counting, but why consume something if you’re not trying to nourish yourself or at least satisfy an indulgence of sorts).

I was so full from the water and caffeinated from the Sbucks that I wasn’t feeling tea, even though I really wanted to try my new Yerba Mate. Now I have something to look forward to tomorrow, though!

By 11am I was halfway done with the first bottle of water.


Lunch was a pretty sweet spread…


Fontina mac and cheese leftovers from last night’s dinner.


Marinated kale (I think I finally nailed the recipe…yay!) – Updated – recipe now posted! Click here to view.


Toasted Great Harvest honey whole wheat roll.

I was SO GLAD I prepped food yesterday! I eat so much better (healthier, cheaper, and all around better) when I prep ahead. Lunch was a little light on the protein, but I had a snack to make up for it.



In the afternoon, I had a Chocolate Oikos with some homemade granola (from my oops granola bar crumbles). So tasty…so so good!

By around 3:30pm I had finished off my first bottle of water. Hooray! The bad part was that I typically don’t consume many liquids after 4pm. I seem to wake up in the middle of the night needing a bio break if I drink much after 4. Is it just me?



Zumba workout fuel = a homemade granola bar with dried cherries, dates, and currants plus Kashi crackers.


Double header zumba class! 2 sweet hours. And my hubby came to class tonight! He said he had fun and might come back. I hope he does. ;)

I worked on my second bottle of water during class, but only managed to finish about half the bottle.


Post workout sushi with a big glass of water. Even with this water, taking my workout into account, I don’t think I quite made my quota, but I did pretty good for Day #1.


Miso soup and salad


Mini cucumber salad


Tempura zucchini


California roll with masago


No problem finishing my cup of water after 2 hours of zumba. Phew! Dinner hit the spot, plus I got to catch up with a girlfriend.


Dessert – banana and a couple small pieces of dark chocolate. Mmm

Project Hydrate Day #1 Comments

I knew Day #1 of Project Hydrate would be pretty hard for me. Sadly, I barely consume the water in this 3 cup water bottle. Now, I usually do have a mug of coffee in the AM, plus a cup or two or hot tea during the day, plus a little water at dinner (but not too much – see above), so I know I haven’t been getting enough liquids.


To illustrate, I’m attempting to go from drinking this…


…to drinking this.

I think the key will be reminding myself to spread my liquid consumption over the entire day instead of trying to chug it all in one sitting (which is simply not healthy – do not try this at home people!).


  • Pink bottle – finished off around 3pm
  • Turquoise bottle – finished half of bottle around 8:30pm
  • 1 large (probably 2 cups) of water consumed at dinner
  • No tea consumed
  • 2 cups coffee consumed but I did not count them towards the total

I don’t anticipate noticing many changes on Day #1, but I’d like to post some comments every day.


  • Drinking all the liquids I planned for was difficult, considering how little I was drinking before. I think I need to get started on liquid consumption earlier in the day.
  • Consuming more water than normal in the morning helped curb my Starbucks habit.
  • Looks like if I can drink my two mugs of tea and half a water bottle more, I’ll be meeting my planned intake.

How did you do today with Project Hydrate today for Day#1?

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