SCBR Week 11/ Day 4 Food/Exercise Journal

7:30 am – Coffee – Content (5)


This morning’s brew was Fresh Market Spring Blend …I’m almost out!

9:00 am – Surprise Bagel Party – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)

I helped coordinate a surprise birthday bagel party for my project’s team leader whose birthday is tomorrow. I got a honey whole wheat bagel with honey almond shmear. Yum!

1:00 pm – Dean + Deluca Salad – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)


I knew we were planning on celebrating Cinco de Mayo a day late (tonight), so I went to Dean + Deluca to grab a gigantic salad.


In the box:

The salad was awesome, but I could only eat about half! It was huge!

4:30 pm – Fruit Leather – Content (5)


My mid-afternoon snack was a strawberry TJ’s fruit leather/dried fruit bar.


7:30 pm – Late Cinco de Mayo Celebration – Full (7)


Does any one remember this picture of the flooded creek from yesterday?


I took another picture today of the same bridge area so you could compare….was that creek flooded yesterday or what?!


I came home to find a surprise bouquet of flowers! I absolutely love fresh flowers and hubby knows this so he tries to get me some “Just Because” now and again. They’re so pretty!


I especially love these little guys – they look like mini dahlias!


Hubby and I headed to one of our fave Mexican restaurants for our late Cinco de Mayo celebration. We started with tortilla chips and salsa


…and got some cheese dip.


I tried a new drink on the menu – Dirty Margarita with tamarind and Jose Cuervo 1800. This 1800 stuff is amazing btw! I love the more expensive liquors…they seem to be so much smoother and I’d rather have 1 of these than 3 generic versions. Quality over quantity, right?


I got a combo #2 – 1 chicken chimichanga and 1 ground beef enchilada. I was only able to eat half of each and a couple bites of the accompanying rice and beans. Everything was delicious!

Happy Nurses Day!

Since my mom is a nurse, I want to say “Happy Nurses Day!” to all the nurses out there. You guys are amazing! Thanks to all you do and all your hard work!

I’m not sure when hubby got my flowers, but around lunch time, I ordered a special bouquet of flowers to be delivered to my mom at the hospital where she works as a gift from the fam. I called her later to catch up and she said she loved the flowers and left them at the receptionist desk so all the nurses could share them. She said everyone loved the flowers, too, and that she felt extra special because she was the only one who got any. I half expected the place to be full of flowers! lol Either way, I’m glad to have been able to get those to her.


Since I asked the flower shop to just come up with some sort of design including some yellow roses without any other stipulations, I had no idea what the flowers looked like, so my mom said she’s text me a photo. My mom is a bit technologically-challenged so I wasn’t sure that the picture would make it, but she sent me two photo texts! Looks like my younger sister has been teaching her some tricks while she’s living at home. I’m so glad she has shared her phone tricks because seeing this photo of my mom with her flowers really made my day.

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  1. Yay for everyone getting flowers!! I bought myself some this week because I was so BLUE from all the rain that I needed some cheering up. Flowers are great for that!!

  2. Aww! Flowers just because! Your hubby is so sweet! Happy cinco de mayo the day after!!! =) Tamarind ritas? Wow! Sounds awesome!!! I hope you have great day!


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