Healthy Southern Supper – Ellie Style

Last night’s dinner was a Southern Supper with a healthy Ellie Krieger twist.


I decided to make Ellie’s Oven Fried Chicken (using boneless chicken breasts, TJ’s flaxseed whole wheat crackers, and that yummy, wholesome Nature’s Path Organic Heritage Heirloom Whole Grains cereal I’ve been into lately).


I’ve been meaning to make this oven “fried” chicken for awhile now, but randomly enough, the episode where Ellie actually prepares this dish came on TV this past Saturday. I decided to make the accompanying veggie dish she cooked up during the episode – Ellie’s Short Cut Collard Greens , which is made healthier with Canadian bacon.


I made a bit of a mess in the kitchen using various bowls and plates to prepare dinner.


The collard greens seemed to have extra steps but were pretty simple overall.


The end result was definitely worth all the work, though. The results were fantastic!


From the tender collards


…to the crunchy chicken.


This whole meal was perfection! I can’t wait to make it again! Make that “eat it.” I can’t wait to eat this dinner again! Yum!

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  1. How do you bake the chicken with the coating without making it drY? i did it before, but my chicken was as dry as ever.. Love your blog, btw.. 🙂


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