Crazy Bag Lady + Ways to Love Yourself the Way You Are

Happy Monday!

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I was running a bit later than I wanted so I decided to sip my coffee while I put lunch together and just take breakfast to work.



Anywho, today, as most days, I was the crazy bag lady. I don’t know how people take everything to work with them that they need for the day. (and scuse the face..I think I was turning around or something).

I often have:

  • My purse
  • A bag with work-out clothes/shoes
  • Laptop bag
  • Bag with lunch/breakfast

Anywho, all these bags just won’t stay on my shoulders…it drives me crazy!


i brought something to eat for breakfast, but I decided to save it for an afternoon snack and splurge on something for Starbucks Monday.

I got my usual drink – grande vanilla soy latte.



For my splurge, I also got a spinach-feta wrap. And by “splurge” I mean cost-wise. These little sammies are relatively healthy at around 280 calories with a whole wheat tortilla and egg white. I wasn’t completely impressed with the ingredient list since I couldn’t read some of the ingredients, but not a bad option for “fast food.”


Btw, like my tights? I decided to wear boots today since it was raining and soggy pants drives me bonkers. As for the tights, I like the way the look but HATE the way they feel on. They’re tight and binding and constricting. Ugh!

Tights tip: Buy one or two sizes up so they don’t fit quite so tight. Helps a little but I still don’t love them.


For lunch, I had a salad with my salad bar toppings and some stuff from the fridge/freezer:


I also had leftover roasted tomato + black bean soup, which I prepped yesterday, and some Kashi honey sesame crackers.


Tulsi tea in Sweet Rose to stay warm in my cubicle and to try to ward off potential colds.


As planned breakfast made a return in the afternoon in the form of snack. I like to load up on snacks on the days I have mega workouts and 2 hours of zumba call for good snacks.


I opened the yogurt yesterday to serve with last night’s soup and decided the leftovers would be good for breakfast, which then turned into a snack. I crumbled in half an Earthfare strawberry scone.


I wanted the taste a little sweeter so I added in some sliced banana. Plus I got a good fruit serving in. Score!


On my way home from work, I ate half a Larabar in pistachio. I saved the other half for between my 2 back-to-back cardio workouts.




I tried to take some photos using the timer during class. I am apparently not so good at this, but it’s hard to set up the camera and then get back into the dance. Plus, I don’t want the other participants to think I’m a weirdo! 😆

Hopefully, I’ll do better next time.


Kat tried to help and take some photos but I guess we were moving too fast. Oh well, A for effort – thanks Kat!


As for dinner, it was the return of the sushi!

I started with miso soup and a salad with ginger dressing. I like the soup because it’s healthy but the salad I eat because I like the flavor.



I also got a Cali roll with masago.


Tempura zucchini – for taste. Not sure how healthy a veggie is once it’s battered and deep fried. lol But, I do like a good splurge after an a$$-kicking workout.



I enjoyed some dessert at home – Green + Black dark chocolate and skim organic milk.

Tidbits + National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

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I ordered some books I’ve been wanting to get for awhile, and I was so excited to see them here already today:

* * *

It’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week from February 21st-27th. Check out NEDA for some great information for those suffering with ED or friends and family of someone who is or if you’d just like to become more aware of ED. The web site says “Everyone can do just one thing to raise awareness,” so I thought blogging about this would be a good way to help.

With this week in mind, I thought I’d mention that there are some great inspirational projects you can participate in to help encourage positive body image and self-love.

If you’d like to help promote positive body image and self love to lots of people – strangers, friends, co-workers – why not post an Operation Beautiful note somewhere – or maybe a couple places?

If you’d like to promote self-love and positive body image for yourself (hey, we need to encourage ourselves from time to time, too), check out these ideas for ways to love yourself the way you are:

What do you think about positive body image and self love inspirational projects?

15 thoughts on “Crazy Bag Lady + Ways to Love Yourself the Way You Are”

  1. I have the exact same problem with my bags; I think 4 is the operative number.

    The laptop bag and gym bag I can’t work around. But at least I can leave the gym bag in the car. My handbag is roughly the same size as yours and I thought it was roomy when I bought it but it really doesn’t have the room for my lunch and water bottle.. at least, not without stretching it out. The horror!

    The one silver lining is that I have an excuse to buy more bags! 😉

  2. Confession time. . .I am a mom of two DARLING kiddos and although I am no longer preggers or planning to have any more kids. . .I STILL WEAR MATERNITY TIGHTS IN THE WINTER!! They are awesome because they fit in the legs perfectly, but the waist is not tight at all. The ones I have are made out of really soft tummy hugging material. No one can tell they are maternity from the outside. Although if I snag them or something I don’t know what I will do because I am not sure I could go into a maternity store and buy them. . .maybe secretly online! 🙂

  3. You look like me with all the bags. I don’t know how other people do it. I always have tons of stuff with me. They don’t stay on my shoulders either. I have been known to take a carry-on style briefcase for my laptop. It looks dorky, but at the end of the day I’m doing it to help myself. I end up carrying 4 bags usually, too. Lately I’ve been leaving the workout clothes in the car though. That makes it 3 bags. Still not much better. Love the tights!

  4. I’m dying to try zumba but I”m way too intimidated! How long have you been doing it for? I’m convinced I’ll look totally ridiculous.

    All your eats look delicious. I’m worried if I got that Starbucks wrap I’d make a habit of it which I can’t afford!

    • I’m working on a zumba 101 post. Maybe I’ll get it done by this weekend? I hope.

      Biggest tip for zumba – don’t worry about what any one else thinks. Let loose, don’t worry about getting the moves just right – even the instructors mess up. Just enjoy the moment and you’ll not only have more fun, you’ll get a better work out too! 🙂

  5. your bags are super cute!

    i have the vegan cupcakes take over the world book and really like it. it is my go to dessert cookbook and people are floored to find out they are vegan treats. i really want to get their new book vegan cookies invade your jar.

  6. They call me the bag lady at work too! haha too funny!
    Great book purchases! I love Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World!! Can’t wait to hear your review on Food Rules, one Ive wanted to read for a while!

    GREAT things going on for NEDA!!!!!!!

  7. I am bag lady too!!! And I don’t ever go to the gym (always workout at home)or carry a laptop so I can’t even use that as an excuse. I now just bring a backpack because I got sick of big-handbag-sliding-off-my-shoulder-not-to-mention-said-big-bag-banging-off-people-while-standing-on-the-tram. It annoys me when other women’s humongous bags bang off me on the tram so I figured I’d better stop doing it myself. If I need to go somewhere “nice” like out to lunch I pop a little bag into my backpack and I can use that for my essentials going out but most days I just look like a tourist with my big backpack!…I nearly always end up “popping to the shops” at lunchtime as well so end up with my bag being heavier going home so the bag is like Mary Poppins’ bag when I arrive in the door…pulling out bags of spinach and tins of chickpeas and the like…oh such a minefield!!


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