After my fantastico breakfast, I was ready for Monday. Bring it on work week!


I started with Starbucks Monday – grande vanilla soy latte – back up to grande thanks to waking up extra early.


I busted out my official spring lip gloss. As I’ve mentioned before, rather than buying several more affordable items, I like to purchase just a couple high-quality things. For my lips, I typically purchase 1 lip gloss for spring/summer and 1 for fall/winter. I’m not a fan of lipSTICK, so I usually just stick with the gloss.

For Spring/Summer 2010, I’m repeating last year’s Hot Pink Bobbi Brown lip gloss.

I also tested out my new cream blush, which I’m loving more than I expected. Photos next time.


I made some tea today, though I noticed my bag had a hole in it. Rather than waste the tea, I shook the leaves to one side and pushed the tea bag against the side of the mug so the hole never had a chance to leak.


Leftovers for lunch.


I left “work” early for a company meeting. We had it at the local basketball arena (fun! i know!) and even got a suite. 🙂


Go team! (we lost 🙁 )


I forget how hard it is to be a vegetarian/pescatarian sometimes.


Luckily, my company is super thoughtful and got veggie quesadillas for the vegetarians of the office. So nice!


I snacked on some nuts for protein (a little bit of cashews and peanuts).


I was especially happy to see a dessert cart!!!

IMG_2452.jpg IMG_2453.jpg

I was torn between the smores cake and chocolate cake.


I ended up with the smores – great choice…yum!


I ended up bringing most of the cake home to hubby. It was good, but filling! 🙂




Project Hydrate Day #22

Back at work but not quite back into my hydration schedule.


  • 5 cups water
  • 1 cup hot tea


Did you see my big announcement reveal? Oh yes, perfect for a shopping fanatic like me!! Check it out!

A year ago today (ok, I’m writing this on the 29th, but it’s scheduled to post on the 30th) I was blogging about my visit to the Golden Gate bridge with one of my besties – Marium! Also, I blogged about my first trip to California Wine Country with our first winery stop!

Man, I want to go back to wine country so bad!! 🙂

Ok, off to give myself a min facial…then bed time! Have a great week everyone!

PS Who’s ready for a fitness challenge?!