Cut Zumba Tank Top Tutorial (Deep V Neck + Front Lines)

As promised, here’s a little tutorial for cutting a zumba (or other workout) tank top.


I found this fabulous design in my Z Life magazine. NOTE: I did not design this tank top, I’m just trying to provide some pointers for any one else who wants to re-create the look like I did.

In fact, Z Life has a nice tutorial on their web site (click to view) for some of the cutting, but I thought I’d share some extra photos for some of the stuff they don’t detail out.


  • Tank top (recommend pre-washing in case there is any shrinkage)
  • Rotary cutter
  • Chalk/pen/highlighter
  • Sharp scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Note pad
  • Cutting edge

Cutting the V Front

The top I liked from the magazine featured a deep V front halter.


IMG_5030.jpg IMG_5033.jpg

After having practiced on a cheaper tank top, I was comfortable cutting up a zumba top. I followed the Z Life tutorial to get the halter style top out of my racerback.



To get the V, I marked as low as I wanted to cut and in the middle of the tank top with a highlighter (I didn’t go as low-cut as the magazine example). Then, I used my cutting edge to draw a straight line from the top edge of the tank top to the point.


Using a sharp pair of scissors (that haven’t been used to cut paper), I cut from the inner edge of the tank top top seam to the point


and repeated on the other side.


I left the other edge intact. I think the tutorial said to cut along that seam, too, but I didn’t want my straps to be too narrow, so I left it. I cut the straps as long as they’d go – rounding out the top edge. I figured it was better to have more strap than less as I could always cut more off but it would be harder to sew it back on.

Cutting the Front Lines Down the Middle

The top I was trying to re-create also featured short lines down the front of the tank top.


I put a pad of paper inside my tank top to prevent my rotary cutter from going through to the back of the tank.


I lined the tank top on the mat so it was directly in the middle and my edge guide had a line matching up with the middle of the tank top and so the lip of my edge tool was straight with the mat – to ensure straight edges.


Note my edge tool is straight across the top and even horizontally. The 12 marks the middle of my tank. I measured out about 2 inches of space between each column of lines.


I made 2 cuts at each level approximately 1 1/2″ long.


I made my cuts in 1/2 inch increments.


And I repeated till I had 15 rows of cuts.

Now just tie up your halter and get thee to a zumba class to rock out your new tank top!



Can’t wait to cut some more tops! Hmm…what to cut next!? 😆

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