Soup Factory

My kitchen has served as an oatmeal factory before.


Last night, it was a soup factory when I made a big batch of bean & veggie soup for dinner and for later. I have 9 lovely servings of soup for later. Love that! These will serve as quick meals in the near future, perfect with some hearty whole grain toast.


I decided on yogurt for breakfast since I haven’t had it in awhile. I wanted a parfait using Stonyfield Chocolate Oikos (*)…


…and some Vanilla Almond Galaxy Granola*.

IMG_5277.jpg IMG_5275.jpg

Hellooooo parfait!


For breakfast #2 today, I had one of those beautiful rye bagels with a fried, cage-free egg.


Please sweet-sweet coconut hot tea.


Lunch was….could you guess it? SOUP! Look at all those yummy ingredients – beans (adzuki, kidney, garbanzo) and veggies (zucchini, peas, coarrots, onions, broccoli, and tomatoes).


GH Toast makes a soup a meal.




I opened up my Healthy Cake Man bread today.


It was a great afternoon snack…


….and then made for a lovely side dish for brinner (breakfast + dinner). The bread was really tasty and I just love that it’s healthy, too! It’s like win-WIN! 🙂


I toasted it in the oven on 350 for about 7 minutes, while the rest of dinner cooked.


I also made steamed broccoli and turkey, cheese, onion, bell pepper breakfast cups.

And how could I forget that fab Zumba class I went to tonight! Ok, I didn’t. We busted out a new song we learned at the Party in Pink Zumbathon and it was so FUN!


And for a little fun randomness, check out these gorgey nail polishes I picked up at Sephora this past weekend! I can’t wait to paint my nails!

Which color should I do first? I’m leaning towards the metallic-y one.

16 thoughts on “Soup Factory”

  1. Definitely the metalic one….so in this season! I”m digging your veggie soup. I need to do that, too. I always want soup and a yummy cucumber sandwich for lunch…that’s my idea of a perfect lunch…with a square of chocolate for dessert of course!

  2. My house has been a soup factory the past few days, too! Yours looks very tasty! On Sunday, we had Mashed Potato Soup and then Grown-Up Chicken Noodle Soup last night! Lots of leftovers! This weather makes me want soup!

  3. Color=Go My Own Way! (Kind of fitting with all the negative blogger talk) and how do you store all of those containers in your freezer!?! I would so run out of room. 😉

  4. could you share your recipe for thee soup? I am trying to eat better lunches. This one looks great and filling with all the beans. please share if you can!


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