Time for the Space Heater

It’s that time of year folks!



No…space heater time! I’ve been using my space heater like it’s going out of style.

My little space heater has so many fantastic uses:

  • keeping me warm when I blog (like right now…yes, it’s actually on)
  • keeping me warm when I work (from home)
  • helping me fight off chills just after a shower
  • warding off goose bumps when I’m getting dressed in the now-quite-cold-house

Btw, I had fun reading about the home chores you dread. I dislike cleaning the bathrooms as well!


Hubby was a doll and cooked breakfast today: a fried egg and Whole Grain Goodness toast with locally-roasted coffee.

I must say, hubby has turned into quite the fried egg expert. I would even go as far to say that his fried egg is not only better than mine, but better than The Flying Biscuit (at least better than the one I had yesterday).


Lunch was an adobo pork salad with tortilla chips. I thought I was ordering chicken, but it turns out not so much. Oh well, it was pretty tasty. Plus I got some nice black beans and guacamole.

I also had a pear that met an untimely death by impalement on my water bottle top, which I salvaged and still ate. Ok, it only had a small puncture wound. lol


I came home to get ready for ZUMBA and had some more WGG toast with some organic PB, plus chia seeds for strength.

I co-taught a 90 minute zumba class and boy was I tired by the end! Phew! 90 minutes is a long time. That’s like running a 14.5 minute mile 10K or under a 10 minute milk 15K!

Anywho, I downed a half scoop of Vega Whole Health Optimizer in Vanilla Chai shaken with water for a post-workout recovery drink. Love this stuff!


I went with a bunch of zumba friends for sushi after class.


I had miso soup and salad with ginger dressing.


California roll.


Tempura zucchini.

Yes, it’s basically the same thing every time, but it works. It’s cheap, tasty, and relatively healthy.


I even got to try a bite of Bethanie’s fruit sushi! Yum yum!


Now it’s time for pre-bed hot tea to get in a sleepier state of mind. This is my new trick for hydrating, especially on a workout day. I find I don’t like drinking water in the morning, but I do like bed time tea. Plus, it seems to be helping me get ready for bed.

How do you stay warm when the weather gets colder? Cozy up in a blanket? Wear extra clothes? Use a space heater? Something else?

13 thoughts on “Time for the Space Heater”

  1. OK, looking at all that sushi just made me and a coworker get into a big long discussion about our favorite sushi places and now I really have a craving:)

    I stay warm by turning up the heat. I am in Edmonton Alberta and of course we all have central heat or we would freeze to death considering it gets to minus 30C and lower on really horrible winter days LOL (the Canadian Prairies have one of the most extreme climates…from plus 30C and above in summer to the brutal winter cold). Do you have central heat in North Carolina? I don’t know how cold it gets there but I have heard about some warmer places that don’t have it. Now thinking about it Im starting to dread the natural gas bills for the next 6 months. Ugh.
    I also stay warm by soaking in a hot bath and hiding under my goose down duvet.:)

  2. I own about 6 space heaters. LoL, they are perfect for people who are abnormally cold when the rest of the world is usually hot. I carry one with me everywhere I go! LoL, okay not really, but I would if I could. 😉

  3. I cozy up with tea and a blanket because it is not yet cold enough to get the fireplace going.

    I’ve never seen or heard if the fruit sushi; it looks good though.

  4. i’m afraid of space heaters, but they are handy. when i was in lesotho in college (little country in south africa), my roommate and i woke to find billowing smoke in our room… turns out she threw her blanket off the bed in the night and it landed on the space heater, almost causing a fire! but as long as you’re careful, they’re okay!

  5. To stay warm I drink warm beverages, turn the space heater on under my desk, wear a sweater, turn the heat on at home, and snuggle under a blanket with the hubby because he’s the most cost efficient heater I’ve found yet! 🙂

  6. We usually drink tea almost every night before we go to bed. Either chamomile or some type of “calming” or “relaxing” tea.

    I’m usually not cold until winter officially sets in (December – ish) but when I am, I wear fuzzy socks around the house, sweatpants, a hoodie and have a cozy blanket on the couch – sometimes the electric blanket if its really cold.

  7. To keep warm I make recipes that require slow-cooking in the oven. My apartment is somewhat small so having the oven on warms the whole place up 🙂

    On a random note, it was 36 degrees on my drive to work this morning!

  8. You and your Zumba friends have so much fun together, I love it!

    Ugg boots for sure! And North Face vests – pure warmth magic without bulk. And yes I wear these two items around my house. 🙂


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