Hooking Hubby on Oatmeal

I loved reading everyone’s guesses on yesterday’s tease-post! You guys are so creative. If you’re my Facebook friend, then you already knew what flavor of nut butter I made. But if you aren’t yet (though I think you should be), then read on for more dets…


After my morning coffee, I still wanted a pick-me-up, so I whipped up a quick matcha green tea latte using rice milk for my “creamer.”


I did another TCL noodle stir fry for lunch.


Though noodles are typically my staple, I was almost out of udon. So, I did a mix of udon and green tea noodles. Nom! Also in the mix – edamame and broccoli. I just used soy sauce, pasta water, and drop of sesame oil for my sauce.

You can check out this recipe for basic cooking directions for a noodle stir fry.


Now…on to more yummy goodness. Did you guess my new nut butter creation correctly?

I was inspired by the whipped cinnamon honey that I’ve been enjoying so much lately that I decided to make cinnamon-honey nut butter. But not just any cinnamon-honey nut butter. I made…

Honey Roasted Cinnamon Wink Almond Butter!

I’ll be posting a recipe tomorrow in case any one wants to try it.

Ooh and one cool thing about it – it’s a Not So Sweet recipe! Yeaaaaaa!


After making my new almond butter, I did what any “normal” girl would do.


I whipped up a batch of simple rolled oats cooked in rice milk to be my canvas for my nut butter “paint.”


This new nut butter was a definite winner.

Hubby was going crazy for it! He wanted to eat ALL of it! I ended up only eating about 3/4 of my oats because I was having it for a pre-work-out snack, and didn’t want to eat too much before Zumba. I offered him the rest of my oats (which he almost always turns down), but he excitedly accepted them and quickly found the almond butter jar to add more on top. He happily slurped up my leftovers and in a jiffy!

Perhaps this is how I can hook hubby on oatmeal? Hmm…


I taught a small but mighty Zumba class on Thursday. 😉

My favorite songs were:

  • Chillin
  • Rompe
  • Battlefield

And two of my participants showed me a dance they choreographed all on their own. It was pretty awesome. I only wish I had taped it to share with you all! Those girls have skillz!


I took Friday off from work to take care of stuff at home. The day FLEW right by, but I got a lot done. I guess I not only took the day off from work, but I sort of took it off from blogging, too. Whoops, ya’ll. Good thing I took so many photos on Thursday!


I’m off to pack. I’m visiting my fam first thing tomorrow morning. And rumor has it I will be picking up more of those amazing rye bagels while I’m in town! 😉


Have you gotten your SO to enjoy something they previously didn’t? What was it and how did you do it?

12 thoughts on “Hooking Hubby on Oatmeal”

  1. I agree, those photos are so beautiful! I love your little dishes, too. Cannot wait to get my nut buttah on this weekend. It’s gonna be nutty up in herr! 😉 haha. And yes, my husband hated just about all vegetables, and salsa. SALSA!!! How in the world does someone hate salsa?! Ugh, I was so sad about this. But now he absolutely loves all the things he hated; it’s been a total transformation. Makes me very happy 🙂

  2. Oh wow, those noodles look incredible! You are such a talented cook and photographer!
    My boyfriend has tried so many new foods since we started dating…from nutritional yeast to Indian food… he’s still a bit of a picky eater, but he does incorporate some more variety into his diet now! And, he even loves green smoothies now 🙂 He still won’t touch oatmeal though….

  3. my husband is pretty relaxed about food. yes he loves meat the most and he likes junk food, but he also likes working out and likes vegetables and fruit and yogurt and cereal and oatmeal and all the good stuff. he really doesn’t like asparagus which makes me sad, but then there’s more for me 🙂 oh and it makes me sad that he doesn’t like sharing meals at restaurants (most of the time) but i can live with it 🙂

  4. mmm, both your stir fry and your nut butter look amazing! 🙂

    i got my fiance to try tofu once and now he’ll eat it! it has to be in a dish with a strong flavored sauce for him to eat it, but i was so excited! it makes meatless meals much easier when i can include tofu!


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