Bailey – The Pillow Loving Corgi

Oh hai!


Sometimes I think Bailey is too smart for his own good.


I mean, have you ever seen a dog who knows how to use a pillow!?


Meet Bailey – the pillow loving corgi. He uses pillows on our couches AND on our bed! I actually remember teaching him how to use the pillows, too. I realize that most likely, it’s a natural instinct to be more comfortable and therefore he probably uses pillows because it’s in his nature, but I like to think I taught this to him. Anywho, one day, he was laying on the couch, all curled up like a little fox, and I thought…hmm…I bet he’d be more comfortable if he had his head on a pillow. So, I wooed him over to the side with the pillows and gently placed his furry little head on the pillow. Ever since then, he’s all about laying on pillows!

I’ve created a monster!

Does your pet use pillows, too?

20 thoughts on “Bailey – The Pillow Loving Corgi”

  1. MY brother and sister in law have a teeny tiny Chihuahua- MinPin that LOVES pillows. My mom has about a thousand on our couch, and whenever he comes over to our house it’s like he’s in heaven…burrowing into the piles and jumping around in them. So funny.

  2. Awww, Bailey is absolutely adorable. I love corgis, even though I am a staunch anti-monarchist and they are so closely associated with the English royal family 😉 My boyfriend’s parents have a dog (well they have two now, but the first one is Top Dog). his bed has an old duvet in it as lining and he always makes a little “pillow shelf” out of it when he gets in to sleep. So cute.

  3. Aww, Bailey’s adorable! My dog doesn’t usually use pillows, but he does remind me of a person sometimes when I wake up to him lying on his side next to me with his head outside the covers.

  4. OH MY GOSH! My basset hound does this EXACT thing with this one specific pillow. He’s always laying on it like a human. So smart. I love these photos!!! Ha, I am laughing so hard about this! I will have to shoot some photos of Randy.

  5. I have a blackheaded tri-color Corgi…looks very much like Bailey. Mine is named Griffith..Griffy for short. He too loves pillows…he sleeps with me and I usually wake up with his head next to mine..on his own pillow, that is!


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