Azucar Dancing + Macaron Tour

Did you know Friday was National Doughnut day? I found that out on twitter and didn’t bother verifying with a google search. I mean, do I really need a valid reason to enjoy a doughnut? I think not.


After my lazy-man’s gourmet lunch, hubby and I split this Texas doughnut.

I really wanted to bake some doughnuts, especially considering I’ve now had a doughnut pan ready for baking for a couple months now. Maybe I’ll try it out next weekend?


Anywho, my friend Sarah came over for dinner.


Since hubby and I were going out of town, we didn’t do anything crazy – just tacos. But we did use grass-fed beef. And hubby had gotten an assortment of toppings from a salad bar a day or so before, but by the time we were ready to eat the tacos, it looked bad. So, we just enjoyed some fresh pieces of organic red bell pepper for our veg serving.


And Sarah and I split a banana for a last fruit serving of the day.

Project Veg-Up Score for Day #3:

  • veg: 3
  • fruit: 2

Woot! 🙂


Then, she and I headed out to a local Caribbean celebration – Azucar.


I signed up to do a demo with my Zumba company.


I had no idea there would be so many people in the audience. I think there were at least a thousand people there?! My stage fright kicked right in, but I was confident I’d be ok to dance on stage with eight other of my fellow Zumba instructors.

I was right. Everything went great, and I had so much fun! We did two of our most popular Zumba dances on stage and the crowd loved us! Maybe I’m getting over my stage fright after all?


Post demo, we were super hot from dancing under all those hot-hot stage lights!


We cooled off with mojitos. The mint was perfectly refreshing.


And then a group of us headed to Amelie’s for some sweets.


Sarah and I did a macaron tour by eating one of each flavor. We decided to go in order from what we thought would be the “worst” to the best: lemon, orange, mixed berry, and raspberry. The order was spot on. If only they had pistachio!

Macaron cheers! *clink*

Reader Question #1: Did you celebrate doughnut day? What kind of doughnut did you enjoy?

Reader Question #2: Have you ever done a “food or drink tour” like our macaron tour? What did you eat/drink?

3 thoughts on “Azucar Dancing + Macaron Tour”

  1. I wish I had participated in doughnut day, but I really wasn’t feeling sweets on Friday. I’m definitely rain-checking that one.

    I love that your town always seems to have so many unique and cultural events. If my town has them, they don’t publicize them very well.

    One day, I’d love to take a food tour of NYC. Especially of the pizza and dessert joints 😉


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