Bubbles at the Falls

On Sunday, Sis and I headed out for an afternoon of shopping and tea drinking.


We headed to the West end of town. I can’t believe how much it’s grown over the years. I know I’ll sound like my dad when I say this, but I remember when there was nothing here but grass and rocks. lol 😛 I used to hang out at the Reedy River area when I was in high school and hardly anyone thought this area was interesting.

My how times have changed!


Even though it was July 3rd, I put on my red, white, and blue top to be festive since it was sort of a holiday weekend.


Sis and I headed to O-Cha tea bar for bubble tea.


I got the Thai flavor. Look at those yummy bubbles!


We also got some edamame as a snack.


And Sis brought a book to read and I brought my macbook to work on the blog.


We totally spied a bridal shoot across the river! I bet those photos are going to turn out gorgeous!


Next up, we hit up local fave Barley’s for lunch. Since they are famous for their beer selection, I got a beer sampler.


I got the house favorite sampler, which came with 6 fun beer samples. Too bad I didn’t have hubby there to help me finish them all!


We shared some of Barley’s famous garlic knots.


I also got a spinach salad.


And we each got a piece of cheese pizza. The crust is amazing! If you’re nearby and you like pizza, definitely check this place out!


Next up, we went to the mall to check out some make-up. I found the Urban Decay Naked Palette!! This thing sells out like crazy, so if you see it, get it! There are 12 gorgeous neutral shades that will blend together beautifully.


After our afternoon adventures, we got down to our Fourth of July themed baking project. And I must show you that if you want to make those super-cute cupcakes, you have some options for the “star” sprinkles topping.


We chose the small white nonpareil sprinkles for simplicity, but there were also larger balls and even *be still my heart* edible glitter…in star shapes!!! Next time, I’m probably going to have to go for those stars. 😉

Click here for the Fourth of July cupcake recipe and photo tips!


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Which sprinkle topping do you think would go best on these patriotic cupcakes?

10 thoughts on “Bubbles at the Falls”

    • I looooove bubble tea! The best ones are made with brewed tea, but usually they’re just made from some powder mix. I still am kind of obsessed with them. lol

  1. I loved your choice in sprinkles but I totally dig edible glitter 🙂 And I’ve wanted to try bubble tea too – I’m just nervous! There is a place nearby that sells it and I think I’ll give it a go.

  2. That looked like fun. I love bubble tea but rarely find it. I have a question about edamame though. Do you eat the outer shells? I did the first time I ever had it because it had salt on it so I thought I was supposed to then someone told me not to. I googled it and I find both ways.

    • I didn’t even know you could eat the edamame shells! I’ve always just eaten them withOUT the shells. I just like the tender little pieces inside. Nommmm. hehe

  3. Gorgeous area & photos. May I ask what town this is? And!! How cool that you saw a bridal shoot going on. So cool, so, so cool! 🙂

    ps. Bubble tea! 😛


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