Zumba Convention 2011 {Day 4} – Bollywood, African, & Impromptu Dancing

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And for my foodie friends, I do have some fun recipes coming at you soon! 🙂


By the last day of Zumba Convention, my body was feeling pretty tired. I had tried to conserve energy for the last day, but I was slowing down. lol


My first class of the day was Bollywood!


I am a big fan of Bollywood and bhangra styles of dance, so I was really looking forward to this one.


Class was super fun. There was one Bollywood instructor, two bhangra instructors, and 2 ZESs who were helping out with class.


I especially loved learning about the various hand positions for Bollywood dancing…


…oh, and this bhangra battle we did to Stronger by Kanye West!


So fun!


Great job guys!


After class, I headed towards the zumbawear shop one last time. Since it was Sunday (the only day the store accepted returns), I hoped I’d find a pair of pants that had sold out in my size by Saturday morning.


On the way, I passed this impromptu Zumba class in the middle of the convention center.


Never a dull moment with Zumba peeps! I hope I have more time next time so I can join in.

I did make it to the Zumbawear shop and would you know it…they DID have my size by then! Woohoo!


On my way back to my last class, I spied yet another impromptu class starting up. I followed from the upper level for a bit because I liked an arm/step combination the lead instructors was doing. Hopefully, I can work it into a new song. 🙂


And for my last class of the day – African dance!

The instructors were hilarious and the moves were fun! I think we only have one African-dance song on our song list, so I’d like to see more…maybe with some inspiration from this class? 😉


We even got to see a video on rhythm.


Picture time!


Say cheese.


After class, I headed back to the hotel. Unfortunately, we had to check out that morning, so I didn’t have a hotel room to go to, but I got my bags from the bell hop and changed into some airport clothes (my new Zumba cropped sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirt). Soon enough, we were in a cab to the airport, and then on a plane to go home. Hubby picked me up at the airport with Bailey. Aww… 🙂


Big thanks to Zumba for putting on such an amazing and well-organized event. Nice job guys! I already can’t wait to go to the 2012 convention!!


Next time on TCL, a SUPER AWESOME announcement! Check back next time for details!! I can’t wait to spill the beans! 🙂 🙂 🙂


What’s your favorite style of dancing or signature move?

12 thoughts on “Zumba Convention 2011 {Day 4} – Bollywood, African, & Impromptu Dancing”

    • What? That’s so cool she’s M. Night Shyamalan’s wife! She was really cool!

      I’ll def see you at HLS…and maybe convention next year? 🙂

  1. Wow! It sounds like you had a blast! And hey, I spy Nathan (from Youtube) spearheading both Zumba impromptu classes! Lol. So funny.

    May I request a loot picture of all the zumbawear you managed to grab? 😉

    I can’t wait to hear about your news!

    My favorite Zumba moves are from Salsa and Reggaeton. Love it!

    • I had totally planned to do a big zumbawear post before I got injured, but I am hoping to take some more photos now that I’m feeling better. 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the pictures from convention – I can’t wait to go next year!

    I also wanted to say congratulations on your food article in the new Z-Life issue!!! I got mine yesterday and checked out all the magazine contributors. When I saw your face, I was like, “Hey! I know who she is!” I’ve been visiting your site regularly for past few months and love it. 🙂
    ~ Sarah

    • Hey Sarah! You’ll LOVE convention. It is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

      And thank you so much for the congrats on the Z-LIFE article! And thank you for reading the TCL regularly. I appreciate it! 🙂 Did you try any of the recipes out from the article yet?

  3. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I’ve been attending zumba classes for 3 plus years. I’ve been receiving a lot of urging to become a teacher. So, I am getting super excited about possibly getting certified. Zumba makes my heart sing, I am so incredibly happy when I am dancing. I googled some information about the conference and found your blog. Super informative. Thanks so much for posting. How much did you pay for the conference? Also I love to dance Samba, do you have any recommendations for any great instructors to get certified from?

    Thanks a heap.



    • Hey Cecilia! That’s very exciting! They usually cover the four basic Zumba rhythms in Basic 1, and it includes samba! I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for Zumba convention, but it depends on if you do 3 or 4 days and how much you’ll have to pay for commute/hotel/food. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth saving up to go! 🙂


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