Food Truckin

Since I didn’t have to teach Zumba tonight, I headed out with friends to enjoy an event I typically have to miss – Chow Down Uptown. I went to the very first Chow Down event over a year ago, but I haven’t been in awhile.

(iPhone photos below since I didn’t feel like lugging around the DSLR)

I totally forgot to actually take photos of the food trucks this time. We went a little later, so I was pretty hungry and more focused on figuring out what I wanted to eat. We ended up getting eats from Roaming Fork.


Although the weather was gorgeous outside, there wasn’t really anywhere to sit. I did manage to find an open table across the street at the 7th Street Market. I hadn’t been to this location since Reid’s was still here. I didn’t realize there were new vendors already. There was a pizza place, Tasty Yo, Cloud 9 bakery, a coffee shop, and another place that sold beer and wine. I was excited to see fresh options for drinks since I didn’t really want any of the sodas across the street.


My eats – pulled pork sandwich with french fries.


I found a cute booth called Viva Raw where they sell fresh fruit & veggie juices. I decided to get the banana-berry one, which was a great choice. It was really tasty.


{My dinner dates}


Besides drinks, I was also very excited to see more dessert options over at 7th street. All the cupcake vendors were sold out, but I wanted something sweet. I decided to get a brownie and…


…this Pinterest-like creation – a brownie/cheesecake bar with cream cheese frosting. I had some of each and saved the rest for hubby.

I was glad to see not only the food truck event but 7th street doing well. I may just have to talk my friends into making a post-Zumba run for food truck and market eats again soon.

And speaking of Zumba, I’m going to have to give you an update. Classes are going well! Woohoo!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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  1. I am so glad that you were able to post this ‘review’ of 7th Street Market! I used to be a huge Reid’s fan and was quite bummed when they left. I had heard mention that the building was once again occupied, but I wasn’t sure by what. Thanks for checking it out – I am definitely inspired to stop by there!

    • Reid’s opened back up, but now they’re in Myer’s Park.

      Def check out 7th street. They actually have signs up for a couple other vendors who appear to be moving in soon, including Fran’s Filling Station! 🙂


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