Slouchy Seersucker {Outfit}

I bought these pants shortly before embarking on my non-diet weight loss journey. I was doing that motivation thing that I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do where you buy something in a size smaller than where you currently are. Though it took longer than I wanted, eventually, the non-diet worked…better than I hoped, too. The pants are now probably one size too big. I decided to try them out anyways without getting them tailored. I thought maybe the pants could be slouchy-chic, but I’m on the fence. I’m thinking of taking the pant hems up so I can wear these with flats and getting them taken in awhile I’m at it. What do you think?

Anywho, I love how these pants feel like pajamas. I wore them to work and added a cardigan for inside the office. Our dress code is casual, but I’m not sure how they feel about tank tops. I wanted to wear a simple, chunky gold chain instead of the necklace pictured, but I haven’t found one I like. I’m keeping an eye out, though! Does anyone know where I can find one?









  • Seersucker pants: J. Crew (old)
  • Tank top: Gap
  • Cardigan: Gap
  • Wedges: MICHAEL Michael Kors
  • Purse: Kate Spade
  • Bracelet: gift


These geese were all about some photo-bombing.

Reader question: Do you prefer tight-fitting pants or slouchy-fitting pants?

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