Epic Brunch at 5Church {Charlotte, NC}

I enjoyed an epic brunch at 5Church this past Sunday with some of my girlfriends.


We met at 5th and Church (across from Basil) before noon. I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for far too long, so I was really excited for my brunch date with some girlfriends to finally check it out.

5ChurchBrunch-9166.jpg 5ChurchBrunch-9169.jpg

Part of the reason I really wanted to try this place is because I know Jamie, the executive chef. I met Jamie at the 2 Poplar Ridge Farm-to-Table Dinners (click here for #1 and here for #2) where I was the photographer, and Jamie was the chef. Having seen and tasted Jamie’s creations from those events, I knew brunch would be fantastic. He whipped up some really interesting eats for those farm-to-table events, like spicy gazpacho gelée, beet emulsion, sour cream ice cream, and lamb cheeks with pickled eggplant (yes, I ate that, and yes, it was good). Basically, I would eat anything Jamie put on a plate and served, because I think he’s that talented.






They treated us to a round of drinks, so I had a mimosa, which is my favorite brunch drink of choice (when I’m not having coffee). 5 Church had a great brunch cocktail list with more options, like the sangria and mojito.


We asked our waitress what Chef Jamie would recommend (because we forgot to when he came out to say hi), and she quickly said the lamb burger…for sure. And with that recommendation, three of us ordered it.


I don’t know where it came from, but someone called the lamb burger epic. And then “epic” became the word of our brunch as we dug into our food. I’m not much of a lamb person, but do you see this burger? I feel compelled to come back and try it.


I also want to try the shrimp over polenta, which is what I almost ordered.


I got the Grilled Bistro Steak & Eggs, which was great. I loved the presentation of the food, especially the way the steak was served (sliced thin). I also really loved the red wine reduction, which went well with everything, not just the steak. I’d never had such a sauce with eggs and french fries, but it totally worked.


I normally have a weird thing where I don’t like it when things that are supposed to be crispy get into sauces that tend to make them soggy. But, somehow, this reduction stayed on the two thirds of the plate containing the eggs and steak. And for the few french fries that did get into the reduction, they stayed crunchy. It was like magic. And like I said, they went well together, too. Everyone at the table went gaga for the fries. If you come here, be sure to order something that comes with fries…or just order a bowl on the side.


{left to right: Erin, Kseniya, Jen, Dion, me}

And here are the Epic Eaters! These girls were so fun. Can’t wait to hang out with them again!

And I can’t wait to come back to 5Church. I really want to come back for dinner sometime…and I think I already picked out what I want to order!

Thanks for reading!

Reader question: Have you been to 5 Church? What did you order and what do you recommend?

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    • Ooh, I think I need to experience this evening atmosphere. Did you see they have jazz at Saturday brunch?! 🙂

      Any recommendations for what to order for dinner?


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