Corner Kitchen & Biltmore Wines {Asheville, NC}

After our big breakfast, we decided on something light for lunch. Since Sunday was our last full day in Asheville, NC, we had a couple more to-dos on our list – get wine from Biltmore and visit a dinner fave from our last trip.


With a trip to Biltmore in mind for the afternoon, we headed to a place we’d visited near the estate last time – Corner Kitchen (click for photos from our last trip).


{fan in the spoon}


At first I was a little unsure of what to get from the menu. Since it was Sunday they were featuring mostly brunch items that reminded us of our previous meal. I didn’t know how many breakfast meals I wanted to have in one day. But then, something caught my attention – the Roasted Beet and Tempeh Salad.


The salad turned out to be perfect and really hit the spot. From the menu: “Seasoned with walnuts and pickled onions, this vegetarian salad is served on arugula and topped with grilled haloumi cheese”. The flavors were subtle but went together nicely. The tempeh was mixed in with the beets and just as vibrantly fuschia thanks to marinating in the their juices. And who’d have thought to add the haloumi cheese, but yes yes yes. It was great! I seriously need to try to re-create this one at home. Yum!


After lunch, we headed over to Biltmore. Since we still had our annual passes from our last trip, we were able to drive onto the property and head to the winery. (Though, you can purchase and sample wines from the gift shop if you’re more interested in a quick trip)



Since we were already at the winery, we decided to do a quick wine tasting to pick out what to re-stock.


Last time we were here, my goal was to get a box of wine. This time, my goal was the same. I really enjoy Biltmore wines, and I love having them around to crack open to enjoy or to entertain.


{all re-stocked}


After our wine shopping trip, we headed back to the B&B.


I spent some more QT with my Fire Starter Sessions book…


…and Bailey.

Next up – dinner and chocolate!

Reader question: Do you have a favorite winery? What’s it called and where is it?

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