ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

In June, I started my first month getting only 10 classes per month. Since I had a lot of travel planned and was also taking a couple non-ClassPass dance classes, I figured I’d still get plenty of activity. What I didn’t anticipate was that I would semi-hoard my ClassPass classes, which actually resulted in me saving them too much. I didn’t even use them all this month. #fail New strategy for future months: Use them as fast as possible, even if that means running out before the month end.

My June 2016 ClassPass Classes

#1 “Born to Make You Happy” Britney Dance Class with Mitchell Wayne Productions

A different kind of Britney, “Born to Make You Happy”. Another fun time with @mwaynepro! 😄

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“Born to Make You Happy” was a more challenging dance for me. Since I’ve been taking these Britney classes all year, I generally know what to expect. But Mitchell pointed out in the beginning of class that this song is pretty different from most class Britney choreo. The timing and moves were different. A bit more flawy. Less snappy. But still fun!

#2 Antigravity Aerial Yoga

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

My sister came to visit me in NYC! I took her to my favorite studios. Our first stop, Anya. Sis and I both did gymnastics as kids, so I figured she’d enjoy this one. And she did! Though a bit less gymnastics-like than my first aerial yoga session, we still did some cool moves.

#3 POUND at Crunch Gym

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

We had a rockin good workout with Joyce at Crunch Gym where Sis tried her first POUND class. She’s now looking to see if she can find POUND classes back home.

#4 Beginner Hip Hop with PMT Dance Studio

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

And I managed to convince Sis to try a beginner hip hop class with two of my faves, Dev and Mo, at PMT.

Sis does ballroom dancing, so I knew she’d be A-ok learning hip hop. What I didn’t expect was that her martial arts background would give her awesome body control, especially in the arms. Body control is something I’m working on, so I was a little jealous of her snappy arm and hand control.

This was one of the harder songs that we’ve done at this class.

#5 Candlelit Yoga with Y7 Studio SoHo

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

We also visited Kate at Y7 for a sweaty yoga workout by candlelight. Which also meant we could explore the area after class and finally hit up Boba Guys! They’re about a half mile walk away.

#6 Tai Chi with CK Chu Tai Chi

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

Since Sis did a dance class, I promised I’d do a martial arts class.

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

There were several options available, but we decided to try Tai Chi together.

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

Our instructor broke us into two groups (people who had been there before and newbies). He went over the first Tai Chi series with us new guys. And then we got to repeat the move on our own while the instructor checked back in with us now and again. The moves were very slow paced and simple. But you do them in a bit of a squat position with your back a bit rounded forward. I was surprised at how difficult it was to maintain the position. It was a really good workout on my lower back. I also found the slow movement very relaxing.

#7 Antigravity Restorative

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

Tai Chi was our last class together before Sis had to head home. After she left, my next workout was back at Anya for Antigravity Restorative. I find this class to be a good part of my overall workout strategy, even though you don’t really “work out” here. In this session, we did lots of stretching and many relaxing poses. I love how this class helps me stay balanced.

#8 POUND at Crunch Gym

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

And I jumped right back into an intense workout with Joyce. This class really works all over, which I love. I believe this was the session that made me really feel the burn in my lower back. Though cardio is my fave, I find it difficult to work out the lower back area in cardio classes, generally. So I love how POUND does cardio but also hits a couple places I sometimes inadvertently ignore. Joyce switches up her playlist for every class, so the focus area varies every time, which I love.

#9 “Circus” Britney Chair Dance Class with Mitchell Wayne Productions

ClassPass NYC: My June 2016 Recap

For my last class of the period, I tried my first chair dance class with Mitchell Wayne Productions. In truth, I was a little intimidated about the class format.

But I really liked it! And I didn’t fall out of the chair. Woop!

June 2016 ClassPass Summary

Overall, I do think the lowering of my class count from unlimited to 10 impacted the number of workouts I did. I was surprised when I got to the end of the month and realized that I’d essentially been hoarding the classes and had reached a point where I had more classes available than time to do them. At least when I considered all the other things I had to balance out.

I also found that I was much less experimental with trying new studios. Since I only had 10 passes available, I felt like I should use them to visit my faves. This was good because I knew what to expect and really enjoy visiting these places. Though I do wonder what I’m missing by not adding in a new studio visit here and there as I did earlier this year. Something to consider in future months.

Cost Breakdown

This was my first month on the $125 (grandfathered down from $135) for 10 classes per month.

  • 9 classes
  • $125/month for 10 classes
  • $13.89 per class

Though the per class cost was quite a bit more than previous months, I still find the per class rate to be less than what I would pay in drop-ins.

ClassPass Discount

If you’d like to try ClassPass for yourself, you can use my referral link to get a discount. Since it’s a referral code, I’ll also get a discount on my ClassPass if you use my link.

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