Make Progress or Make Excuses

I really do try to avoid making excuses as much as possible. When I hear myself making them, I cringe. But, we’re all human. It’s inevitable that excuses will happen. I like how this quote I stumbled upon makes you look at the excuse in a different light.

For me, the question becomes, “What progress are you giving up by making this excuse?” This is a good way to reconsider the excuse, whether you’re working on personal or professional goals.

Side note: I missed the Motivation Monday post day for this, but I still wanted to share a quote this week.

Make Progress or Make Excuses

There are only two options: Make progress or make excuses. ~Tony Robbins

Before I found my fitness groove, I remember making tons of excuses on why I couldn’t work out. I hadn’t found a workout I could really stick with. The class schedules weren’t compatible with my calendar. And ole classic – I don’t have time. It wasn’t until I really pushed myself and willed myself to go to class regularly that I started seeing results with my workouts. And you know what? The more I stayed on schedule, the easier it was to keep going.

And while I really do enjoy my workout classes these days, it doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park every time. I have my days I’d rather be watching a TV show and eating salt and vinegar chips under a cozy blanket. Keeping a regular workout schedule and following through on my commitments helps keep me on track.

ClassPass has even helped me stick with my workouts. Sometimes you don’t know at sign-up time that it will be snowing the day you decided to do a dance class. But sure enough, within the 12 hour cancellation window, the snow starts falling. Sure, you could pay the fee and miss the class. But I’d rather walk through a little snow and stick with my plans. It feels pretty good to follow through on your commitments, especially when the randomness of life tries to get in the way and spoil your plans. Don’t you think? Regardless of how that dance class or workout goes, there’s a certain sense of accomplishment in just showing up and doing it. Period.

So, progress or excuses? Which one will you pick today?

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