Post-Vacation Reset Meals | What I Ate Wednesday

Hey guys! Hope you’re enjoying the videos I’ve been making. If you’re already subscribed – thank you so much! You’re getting the first notice that a new video has gone live. Timing-wise, I upload to YouTube before writing my post. So, especially if you have the notification setting turned on, you’re getting new videos fresh off the press! Anywho, this latest post and video is a follow-up to all the eats I’ve been enjoying during Zumba Convention and my sister’s visit to NYC. While I love enjoying great restaurant experiences, I felt like I overdid it a bit. Maybe if each event had been separated, I wouldn’t have noticed? But, I was definitely feeling like a bit of post-vacation reset was in order. So, here are some things I ate to get back on track. Mostly, I focused on getting good servings of fruits and veggies throughout the day. But, I guess the video and photos speak for themselves…

Also…I was so focused on getting clips for the video that I forgot to take photos throughout the day. So, I’ve included a couple screenshots here. But the full story on this one is definitely in the video.

What I Eat in a Day | Post Vacation Reset Meals

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Post-Vacation Reset Meals | What I Ate Wednesday

I considered cooking breakfast, but I decided to use that time to work on a vlog for you. So, I opted for avocado toast at Bluestone Lane along with an almond milk flat white.

Post-Vacation Reset Meals | What I Ate Wednesday

For lunch, I had the Farmer’s Favorite at Dig Inn. This featured a base (I chose quinoa) with three sides. I went for cauliflower tabbouleh, summer kale, and broccoli three ways. It was delicious and actually really filling.

I know I’ve blogged about them many times, but…I’m so thankful that Dig Inn exists. I’m planning to do a breakdown post, but I’m hopeful that this bowl is actually healthier than a salad. It definitely tastes better, and you get to eat it warm! Well, most of it. I think the tabbouleh is served cold. Hehe.

Post-Vacation Reset Meals | What I Ate Wednesday

One of my friends gave me a peach, which made for an energy-boosting afternoon snack.

Post-Vacation Reset Meals | What I Ate Wednesday

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For dinner, I made my quick spiced roasted shrimp with Savory Spice Shop Homestead seasoning. I also heated up prepared roasted potatoes from the local grocery store. For my veg, I sautéed up one of the squash from my mom’s garden along with cherry tomatoes also from her garden. I also cooked in onion and garlic and finished everything with some fresh parsley.

Between the healthy eats and getting back into my vitamin regimen, I’m feeling better already!

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What do you do after you overdo it on vacation?

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