E3 Live Unboxing, What I Eat in a Day, Full Workout *VIDEO*

With seeing Bren├ę Brown the night before, birthday celebration travel plans the next day, and a friend in town, I was definitely eating on the go. Gone was any potential planning time. I hadn’t even packed for the trip! So, I was eating healthy as I went. Here’s how I did…

*VIDEO* Eating Healthy on the Go, E3 Live Unboxing, Quickie Workout

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Avo Smash Toast

E3 Live Unboxing, What I Eat in a Day, Full Workout *VIDEO*

Almond milk flat white.

E3 Live Unboxing, What I Eat in a Day, Full Workout *VIDEO*

I read in Shape magazine today that the healthy fats and fiber in avocado help tell your brain you’re full. This makes sense now, since I had always wondered why avo toast was so filling!

For a super fast lunch, I went to Whole Foods to hit up the hot bar. I opted for lots of veggies with some chicken and other sides.

E3 Live Unboxing

E3 Live Unboxing, What I Eat in a Day, Full Workout *VIDEO*

Have you guys heard about E3 Live? With all of the unicorn recipes going around, E3 Live is one of the natural ingredients commonly used to make a turquoise color.

I’ve known it as a health-boosting ingredient that I’d add to smoothies when I was feeling under the weather for a nice health boost. One of my Charlotte spots, Berrybrook, used it in one of their smoothies. I remembered the boost of energy I’d feel after drinking that smoothie.

So, I decided to order some E3 Live to experiment with. I ordered Blue Majik and E3 AFA. The former is said to be good as anti-inflammatory. And you guys know I’m all about that these days. And the latter is the shelf-stable version of the E3 Live I had in all those Berrybrook smoothies.

Blue Majik: What’s the Difference Between Fine and Crystal Powder?

I wasn’t sure what the difference was between the fine and crystal powders. The price was nearly the same. So, I emailed the company and heard back very quickly. Apparently the two powders are dried differently. The fine powder is a bit finer (surprise, surprise!) and may blend better into drinks. Since I’m putting mine in smoothie primarily, I opted for the fine version.

Quickie Workout

E3 Live Unboxing, What I Eat in a Day, Full Workout *VIDEO*

My friend was in town for the night, and we had plans to work out together, but her schedule got messed up last minute. Since she was in town, I made my workout a quickie:

  • About 20 minutes of dance fitness cardio / warm-up
  • 2 sets of 15 lunges
  • 2 sets of 15 TA activations with 5 second holds
  • 1 set of 10 side planks with leg lifts
  • 1 set of 5 kick-backs (haven’t done these since being injured, so I’m starting low and slow)
  • 60 second plank with stepping for the last 30 seconds

My 30 Day No Crunch Ab Challenge is off to a good start!

E3 Live Unboxing, What I Eat in a Day, Full Workout *VIDEO*

The workout was really late, which meant a late dinner too. I took help from the grocery store and got prepared sides, so I just had to make my roasted shrimp recipe, which is done in about 15 minutes. Click here for the roasted shrimp recipe. As you guys know, I eat this all the time.

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