5 Signs You’re Living on Autopilot and How to Live Life on Your Terms Instead

Are you sleep-walking your way through life or in flow: powerfully co-creating your dream life, one beautiful decision at a time? The truth is that most of us are living life on autopilot – going through the motions. Want to know if you are? Read on for Signs You’re Living on Autopilot and How to Live Life on Your Terms Instead.

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Wake up, your life is happening

*VIDEO* 5 Signs You’re Living on Autopilot and How to Wake Up

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Are you floating through life, just getting by? You may be living on autopilot! Learn 5 signs you're living on autopilot and how to wake up and take your power back #lawofattraction #loa #manifestation #manifest #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #woowoo #changeyourlife  #goodvibes #successhabits #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse

Living on autopilot is no way to live. I know. I did it! There are definitely years of my life that I look back on and wonder what even happened. I wasn’t living on purpose. I was just…drifting.

That was then.

This is now!

Nowadays, I’m creating life just the way I want to live. And it’s so much better!

And I want the same for you!

Here are 5 Signs You’re Living on Autopilot

  1. You’re unhappy and you don’t know why: you’re floating through life, going through the motions, potentially living someone else’s version of happy
  2. You don’t REALLY know why you’re doing/thinking/choosing what you are: you’re doing things out of habit or based on what someone else suggested
  3. When you’re successful and reach goals, you still don’t feel fulfilled: you may be reaching for goals that others set for you so they don’t actually make you feel fulfilled
  4. You don’t know what makes you happy: you may not be paying attention to your happiness and whether or not the things you do each day bring you happiness
  5. You have low energy: if you’re not doing things in your purpose, you may be doing things that make you feel low vibe or even numb

Which one do you resonate with the most? Comment below!

And be sure to watch the video for more on each of these PLUS what to do instead to start really choosing your destiny!

5 Ways to Get OUT of Autopilot

  1. Stop floating through the day and pay attention to what’s making both negative and positive impacts on it – click here for my FREE tool to easily figure this out
  2. When you do something, ask yourself why you’re doing it – is it because it’s a habit or it really makes you happy?
  3. Notice when you actually feel successful and try to build your goals around that
  4. Make a list of what makes you authentically happy (not just trying to impress people)
  5. Do things that make you happy

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Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed learning about 5 Signs You’re Living on Autopilot and How to Live Life on Your Terms Instead.

Stop existing. Start living!

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