8 Law of Attraction Tips from Abraham Hicks to Manifest with Ease

Manifesting should be easy. But we create resistance. I love how Abraham Hicks breaks down basic Law of Attraction principles with humor and class in their popular workshops. And in February, I had the good fortune of attending the San Francisco workshop in person. I laughed, got calibrated, and had a blast! AND I took LOTS of notes to share what I learned with YOU! In this post, I’m sharing 8 Law of Attraction Tips from Abraham Hicks to Manifest with Ease.

Did I mention there’s a video? Woop!

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Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Tips: What I Learned from Abraham (SF Workshop 2020)

Be sure to watch this video because there are some things that are better explained in video form. Click here to watch this Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction tips video if the above player isn’t working.

8 Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Tips

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Some of these may surprise you!

#1 Negative Thoughts Are Good

Whaaaaaaat?! I know! Shocking!

But one thing Abraham teaches about a lot is the idea of “contrast.” That when you see something you don’t want, you also know what you DO want! Sometimes contrast is good and even needed to help us understand what we do want and what to focus our manifestations towards.

In this workshop, Abraham explained that when you encounter something you don’t want, you launch “rockets of desire” the other way towards what you do want and place what you do want into your “Vortex.” Note: The Vortex is a big Abraham concept, so hopefully you’re familiar, but drop a comment if you’d like an explanation.

My Takeaway: when you encounter a negative thought, focus on the opposite – what you DO want. Keep your thoughts on the positive “end of the stick.”

#2 Don’t Assert. Attract.

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When we manifest, sometimes we try to *make* the manifestation happen. We put so much effort into it. We try ALLLLL the manifestation techniques. We try to assert it. As a Type-A personality, I totally get this. Because I’ve tried it.

Abraham explained in the workshop that when you’re asserting, you’re manipulating.

But you can’t assert or manipulate a manifestation into happening.

Instead, you have to sit back and attract it. You don’t have to script everyday to make a manifestation work. What you want is already in the Vortex, your job now is to allow it. To do things that make you feel good so you can get into the right frequency to attract it.

My Takeaway: Remember to not manipulate manifestations and get into energetic alignment with what you want instead.

#3 Memories and Past Are Foes of Where You’re Going

The topic of therapy came up, and Abraham said that they don’t really like therapy. This was interesting for me because one thing I’ve been exploring is how past emotional trauma can impact us in the now. And how releasing emotional trauma can help you with health, happiness, clarity of thought, and MUCH more.

Abraham explained this one with an example: If you were sitting on a train and on one side was a junkyard and on the other was an ocean view, would you have to clean up the junkyard to look at the ocean? No! You just choose to look that way.

According to Abraham, the same can be said of memories and the past. When we think about those things, we can sometimes calibrate to lower vibrational experiences and get back into that lower energy. So instead of thinking about memories and the past, the idea is to choose to look at the “ocean view”.

My Takeaway: Whilst I’m still balancing this with what I’ve been learning about emotional trauma, I do think it’s important to not wallow in the past and calibrate to it. I intend to focus towards the future and calibrate to the good.

Speaking of calibration…

#4 Don’t Calibrate to Unstable Things

Abraham noted that we humans often calibrate to unstable things. The main thing we talked about here is calibrating to other people instead of calibrating to our Inner Being.

We allow someone with a lower vibe to take us to lower vibration too.

For example, you’re feeling good and you’re aligned and then you run into someone who’s having a bad day. Next thing you know, you’ve lowered your frequency to match theirs and not be too happy in the face of their bad day.

My Takeaway: Remember to calibrate to your Inner Being and keep your vibration strong around others.

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#5 You Can’t Change the Way Someone Feels About You, But You Can Change the Way YOU Feel About Someone Else

A woman got in the hot seat, and she was really upset that she could be in a high vibe when she was on her own, but she’d get low vibe around her mom. She felt like her mom was disappointed in her, and this caused the woman a lot of low vibe feelings.

Abraham explained that the woman couldn’t change the way her mom looked at her life choices and whether she was disappointed or not. But the woman COULD look at her mom differently. She could see that her mom was acting out of love because she wanted success for her daughter but had a different definition of what that was.

My Takeaway: When you’re feeling upset by how someone feels about you, remember that you can’t control them and trying to do so will only upset you. Instead, choose to see that person differently. See how they can ultimately be acting out of love.

#6 Be Thrilled About the Process of Your Manifestation Coming Together, Not Just It Arriving

When you are only excited at your manifestation having arrived, you miss out on the fun of life. Abraham wants us to be thrilled as the manifestation is coming together. Eagerly observing how the various “cooperative components” are coming together. And enjoying the full process.

Not enjoying the process is like buying a new house and being miserable from the house hunting to the decorating because you’re just so frustrated the house isn’t fully set up yet and WHY is it taking so long!

It’s much more enjoyable to have fun with the end-to-end experience. This may be surprising for manifestation beginners, but it’s so true!

My Takeaway: Find ways to enjoy the process of your manifestation coming together. Get excited when you notice little pieces coming together.

#7 How to Understand Your Vibration

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This one is simple.

Abraham said there are two ways to understand your vibration:

  1. How you feel
  2. How things are turning out for you

How You Feel

When you are aligned with your inner being, you feel great and “frisky”. Your vibe is high. Your Inner Being is pure, positive energy, so if you feel anything else, that means you’re out of alignment and/or low vibe.

How Things Are Turning Out for You

If things seem to be going wrong left and right, you’re probably not aligned to your Inner Being. Your Inner Being wants the best for you! It wants everything to work out in your favor.

#8 How to Calibrate

At the workshop, Abraham taught us a method for calibrating that I haven’t heard them teach before. So maybe it’s a newer method? Here’s how you do it.

You’ll want to use this if something is throwing your vibe off or making you feel bad.

  • Grab a notebook
  • On the left side – write down what’s bothering you and how it’s making you feel
  • On the right side – write down things that help you calibrate back to your Inner Being

For example:

  • Your friend was upset by something you said, and now you feel like a bad person
  • On the left side – write down: “My friend is upset by something I said”
  • Add: “I feel like a bad friend”, “I feel small”, “I feel like I’m a bad person”, etc.
  • On the right side – write down how you REALLY feel about yourself and use “or” questions if it helps (this is what Abraham did): Am I a bad friend or a good friend? Good friend! Write “I’m a good friend.” Am I a bad person or a good person?” Good person! (and keep going – calibrating back to your Inner Being who is pure, positive energy)

Note: This one is easier to explain via video, so def watch the video for a better example.

My Takeaway: Use this calibration method to re-calibrate anytime you’re feeling off about something.

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BONUS: 2 Actions to Help Your Manifestation Success

Bonus #1 Meditation

Meditation is a great way to connect to Source energy and your Inner Being. Abraham recommended this many times during the workshop!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know this. So consider this your gentle reminder to get your meditation practice going / keep up the awesome work!

Bonus #2 Follow Your Bliss

Abraham stressed the importance of following your bliss and doing things that make you feel good many times during the workshop.

This is a big component of attracting because when we feel good, we attract good things!


Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Steps (5 Steps to Manifesting)

5 Steps to Manifesting Anything by Abraham Hicks on a photo of sunflowers
Use Abraham Hicks’s 5 Law of Attraction Steps to Manifest Your Desires

According to Abraham Hicks, there are 5 steps to manifesting anything you want.

Abraham Hicks 5 Steps to Manifesting:

  1. Ask
  2. Source answers
  3. Get into a receptive mode
  4. Being good at getting into a receptive mode
  5. Seeing something negative without being mad at yourself – knowing instead that it is giving birth to a new desire

Let’s discuss steps 1-5 in more detail.

Step 1: Ask

The first step to manifesting is knowing clearly what you want. When you focus on something, you are essentially asking for that thing. So it’s important to be clear about what you DO want.

As mentioned above, knowing what you *don’t* want is helpful too. Because when you know what you don’t want, you can get to what you *do* want. Your job is to focus on what you *do* want.

Step 2: Source answers

Step 2 is not for you to do. Once you ask, source will answer. Let source answer here.

Step 3: Get into a receptive mode

According to Abraham Hicks, feeling good is your dominant work when it comes to the 5 steps to manifesting

For Step 3, you simply need to feel good. Abraham notes that “this is your dominant work.”

If you’re not sure how to feel good, you can use the following:

There are also some tips above to help you feel good. See Tip #8 above plus the Bonus tips. But really whatever helps you get into a good feeling state works.

Step 4: Being good at getting into a receptive mode

Get good at feeling good. It may sound redundant, but Abraham notes that they felt it was worth adding this step because it’s so important.

Step 5: Seeing something negative without being mad at yourself – knowing instead that it is giving birth to a new desire

“You see something that you don’t like, and you feel the negative emotion. But even though you feel the negative emotion, you’re really not mad at yourself. Because you know this new experience, and new contrast, and new territory is what’s causing you to give birth to a new desire. And that’s the expansion that you’ll eternally always be about.”

Abraham Hicks

Side note: In their book Ask and It Is Given, there are only 3 steps to manifesting. From my research on some of Abraham’s newer videos, they now share 5. I’m using the latest research for this post and sharing the 5 I’ve heard Abraham speak to.


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Thank you for reading and watching! Hope you enjoyed learning these Law of Attraction tips for manifesting with ease that I collected at the SF workshop.

What was your favorite Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction tip? Have you tried Abraham Hicks’s 5 Steps to Manifesting? Drop a comment and let me know!

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9 thoughts on “8 Law of Attraction Tips from Abraham Hicks to Manifest with Ease”

  1. Hi, on reading the part about emotional trauma I was always under the impression that trauma gets stuck in the body physically and its best to work through it to release the blocks. Kundalini works through removing blocks and stuck energy too. So how does this work with Abraham’s teachings?
    Many thanks 😊

    • Hi Rebecca, my impression from this workshop and listening to other Abraham recordings is that they believe one does not need to work through trauma and that they can simply choose to release it immediately. Like the example of looking at the other side of the train (if this isn’t in this blog post, it may be in the video). This is one of the points that I currently do not subscribe to because I’ve also heard that trauma can get stuck in the body, and that’s closer to where my belief system is at this time. I’ve actually been trying to process some stuck trauma, and I’ve tried a bunch of things…but not kundalini yet. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion! Some of the things I’ve tried have definitely helped, but I am passionate about healing and love to learn about the many wonderful options out there. Cheers!

      • I think Abraham’s point of view on this is more like, there’s nothing ‘stuck’ in your body. but repeatedly focusing on something negative affects your physical body, and over years can create issues that seem deep and permanent. continuing to focus on them, even in a therapeutic setting, keeps them in place. but focusing on other things while loving yourself and forgiving yourself can cause the body to shift toward health and balance. so it’s not about ‘healing the trauma’–it’s about removing the focus from the trauma over a long enough period, and with enough consistency, that the effects will disappear from the body. it’s so hard for us to give up the impulse to ‘fix’ things, that this approach is hard for us to accept, but in my experience works a lot better than the alternative,.

  2. Can you explain the vortex bit? I’m new to the manifestation community. I’m grateful for any advice you can give me about this. Great article btw!

    • Hi Smrithy,

      The Vortex is your personal “whirlpool” of energy in the spiritual (i.e., non-physical) realm, which contains all of your desires about who you want to be, and what you want to do, and have.

      In other words, the Vortex is your “bank” of wanted experiences that you later may “withdraw” from. But the difficulty, for students of Law of Attraction, is to actually be able to “withdraw” some of those wanted experiences, so that they happen in our everyday physical world.

      So we may say that in order to, say, manifest a new car, or a new lover, we must somehow find a way to withdraw from our account, in order to get the manifestations out from the Vortex and into our garage, or into our bed.

      And we do this with our positive emotional energy. If we can just keep ourselves as happy and excited and energetic as possible (about ANYTHING!), all day, every day, then we will soon succeed.

      It sounds ridiculously easy, but it is not, for most people. For our tendency is NOT to mind our own business.

      So we have to start minding our own business, and care about our own happiness much more, and think less about pleasing other people, and also notice less what they are doing and not doing (unless, of course, they are doing something great, which we CAN focus on).

      Have a GREAT day!
      Chris Bocay

  3. I LOVE how you broke this down! I’ve been listening to Abraham for a while and I am familiar with all of the concepts, but for some reason being able to just read it in quick little summaries–it really resonated with me! So thank you!
    Haha keeping this tab open on my computer always so that I can review your post every morning (:


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