3 Key Reasons You’re Not Following Through on Your Plans

One of my clients recently wanted to talk about why she can’t seem to follow through on her plans. Sound familiar? Do you make long to-do lists, only to forget them and only do things on the list by chance? Do you do meal plans but then not actually make the meals? Do you schedule workouts that never get done? In this post and video, I’m sharing 3 Key Reasons You’re Not Following Through on Your Plans.

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3 Key Reasons You’re Not Following Through on Your Plans

#1 You’re Out of Alignment

When you’re out of alignment, it can feel like you’re just off. Like you’re trying to move through life in an awkward way. Have you ever seen those make-up videos where someone let’s someone else pretend their arms are that person’s arms and they’re basically doing their makeup without being able to see what’s happening? It’s like that, and it can be a mess. Only real life is not as funny as these makeup videos.

When you’re in alignment, you’re in flow. You get guidance from the Universe, and everything falls into place with ease. You know exactly what to do throughout the day, week, month, and longer, and life is just good.

To get back into alignment:

#2 You’re Overwhelmed

Another reason you’re not following through is that you’re simply overwhelmed. I remember when I was working three jobs, it was like my whole day was a blur. I’d wake up, work on my blog, then rush to my 9-to-5, then rush to teaching Zumba, then rush home for dinner, then rush into working on my blog again, and sometimes pass out on the couch, fingers still on the laptop keyboard.

When you’re overwhelmed, you just rush your way through the day, and you’re trying to survive the day. Who has time to be intentional about the quality of your day or whether or not you’re doing what you had planned. Usually it’s more, do whatever you can squeeze in / remember to actually do. Who has time to look at a to-do list? If you even had time to make that.

To get out of overwhelm:

  • Do a time audit and track where your time is going in 15 minute increments for one week (it’s tedious, but super helpful)
  • Locate any activities that are taking up time that are not in alignment with your values and cut back on those
  • Create space in your day for high vibe habits – they’re truly a game changer and what helped me change my life
  • Create space in your day to do nothing – I know this sounds counterintuitive, but when you have breathing room for yourself, you’ll actually be way more motivated and efficient – start by carving out 15 minutes a day for you-time and see if you can grow this with time

And if you’re like, but Diana, you don’t understand my schedule – I just can’t change it! I actually understand you pretty darn well because I used to say the exact. same. thing. And you know where it got me? Burnt out and frustrated. I’ve learned these tips the hard way because they’re the only thing that worked. Lastly, I’ll leave you with this epic quote by Gay Hendricks:

“In my life I’ve discovered that if I cling to the notion that something’s not possible, I’m arguing in favor of limitation. And if I argue for my limitations, I get to keep them.” ~Gay Hendricks

#3 Your Subconscious Is Secretly Self-Sabotaging You

This last one is sneaky. Here’s the thing…your subconscious wants to keep you safe. And safe = the same. If the plans you’ve made don’t mesh with the identity and life your subconscious holds for you, it will make it difficult for you to follow-through.

For example, if you’ve never been into sports or fitness but it’s January 1, and you’re all “this is the year you’re going to get fit!” Then, your subconscious may hold a belief that you’re not a “fit person” and self-sabotage you by making you feel very tired before you even start. It’s not going to come out say, “here I am to sabotage you!” But that fatigue may not be as real as you believe. And the subconscious has other tricks up its sleeve too.

To get overcome your subconscious blocks:

  • Pay attention to where your follow-through goes kaput and look for patterns
  • Dig into the reason behind this – are the plans outside of your current identity?
  • Explore if you have any limiting beliefs and do self-work to overcome them (this is a big topic for another post – comment below if you’d like me to talk about it)
  • Use affirmations to help create new neural pathways in your brain that support the new identity you’re stepping into


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