14 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Frequency

Want to manifest with ease and feel GREAT overall?! Then I have a fun, easy, and enjoyable solution for you – raise your vibe! When our vibes are high, we feel like we’re walking on clouds of happiness, good things flow to us with ease, and and we attract amazing outcomes without having to struggle with *making things happen*. Achievers and Type A friends, this one is especially golden for you. Here are 14 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Frequency.

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14 Ways to Raise Your Vibration | How to Raise Your Frequency

There are many sources that talk about the science of vibration, but this post is about feeling. The easiest way to tell your vibe is by how you feel. And the way things make you feel let you know whether they’re lowering or raising your frequency. Tap into your intuition and raise your vibe with ease.

#1 Go Outside / Be in Nature

Being in nature is a naturally high vibe experience. Just walking through a park or going on a hike is sure to raise your frequency. When I researched this quick tip to de-stress, I learned that even looking at a tree can help you de-stress – even if you’re inside your office when you’re looking!

#2 Move Body / Exercise

Moving your body physically shifts your energy around. And whilst I totally get that not everyone likes working out, dancing, exercising, or even going for walk can help you raise your vibe and feel better. For me, I always have the biggest smile on my face after a fun Zumba class. What movement makes you happy?

#3 Eat Clean

Foods have their own vibrations. Clean, whole foods have a naturally high vibration. Think about how you feel after eating fast food versus having a health food store smoothie. Not sure about you, but I feel heavy after fast food and light and energized after health food store eats.

#4 Hydrate

Hydration helps you enjoy high vibe energy. When you’re de-hydrated, you may feel sluggish and unmotivated. And when you’ve had enough water, you usually feel like you’re ready to move! Hydration is a powerful energy tool.

#5 Play / Do Something for Joy

We naturally play as children, and we’re happy all the time. But then we have to start adulting, and it’s like we forget how to play and simply do things for the joy of it. But guess what? Adults should play and enjoy joy too! Make time for it.

#6 QT with Animals

Few people can look at a puppy without feeling all goofy and happy. Animals are special, and spending QT with them can certainly help lift our moods and vibes.

#7 Clean

When our spaces become cluttered and dirty, it can clog the energy of our homes as well as ourselves. If you’re feeling like the energy in your home is stuck or stagnant, make some time to get organized and do some cleaning.

#8 Clear Energy

Following on #7, you can also clear the energy of your home (ideally after you physically clean it) by doing an energy cleanse with sage. Palo santo can clear energy, but from my research is better for bringing in positive energy while sage clears the negative energy.

#9 Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are super high vibe. Diffusing my favorite essential oil, lavender, lifts my mood and vibe. What’s your favorite essential oil to use?

#10 Crystals

Crystals are definitely high vibe. My favorite way to use them is to raise the energy in my home. Each crystal has its own vibe-raising capabilities, and you can check out crystal books to learn more about each one. Personally, I love clear quartz and selenite for bringing good vibes to my home space.

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#11 Listen to High Vibe Content

When I’m down, one of the things that lifts my mood fastest is listening to high vibe audiobooks or podcasts. My #1 pick here is The Power by Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret).

#12 Be Kind / Acts of Kindness

Have you ever done something nice for someone else and that act of service and giving ended up making you feel better? Yup. Being kind and doing acts of kindness is a super high vibe activity that can certainly raise your vibration.

#13 Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is the ultimate way to raise your vibe in my humble opinion. It’s pretty much impossible to be in a state of gratitude and feel low vibe. I’ve already spoken a lot about gratitude, but definitely don’t skip this one.

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#14 Meditate

When you meditate, you literally connect to source energy. What better way to raise your vibe?

(Okay, maybe gratitude wins still haha)

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BONUS: Listen to High Vibe Music

And I’ve already written a full blog post about how music can raise your vibe, but I wanted to mention it here as a bonus, even though I forgot to mention this on the video. Oops!

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What’s your favorite way to raise your frequency? Comment below! And please share this with someone who’d enjoy some high vibe inspiration. Cheers!

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