A high vibe morning routine before work is important because they set the tone of your day, among other benefits like helping you manifest with ease. But how the heck are you supposed to find the time to do it, especially with your busy schedule? I mean…who has time to do those lovely but unrealistic two hour morning routines you see on YouTube? Especially if you’re working a corporate or 9-to-5. Well, good news! As someone who has worked three jobs at one time, I know what it’s like to struggle for time. And I’ve created a short and sweet, Powerful 3-Step Morning Routine Before Work for High Vibes in 20 Minutes Or Less.

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A Quick Note First…

If you’re feeling resistance towards starting this Powerful 3-Step Morning Routine Before Work habit, read this section first. I know what it’s like to have every single minute of the day accounted for. To wake up, go hard all day, and fall asleep on the couch with your fingers still on the laptop keys. And as annoying as this is (I certainly eye-rolled a bit when I first heard it), I’m here to remind you that we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

We get to choose how we spend our 24 hours of the day.

Maybe you’re better at time management than I was several years ago, but I used to spend almost every waking minute of the day hustling in one form or another. Ask me back then to take 15-20 minutes for a morning routine, and I’d potentially turn angry. “Seriously?! You just don’t understand my scheduleeeeeee!” I can just hear myself whining about this.

But after resisting making time for fun, downtime, and yes morning routines, I can tell you that the time I’ve set aside for my morning routine has been well worth it. More on those other topics another day.

Making different choices on how I crafted my day is literally what got me OUT of sad, stuck, and frustrated, and into happiness, flow, and freedom.

So, if I’ve convinced you to set aside about 15-20 minutes (or wake up a bit earlier) to do some high vibe activities, start your day on a positive note, and get into a beautiful energy to attract good things throughout the day, read on for a high vibe morning routine before work idea.

A Realistic Pre-Work Morning Routine

As a former workaholic, I’ve had to be creative as I learned to make space for high vibe habits over time. My schedule today looks very different than it did when I was miserable and stuck, but sometimes, I still want a shorter morning routine.

This Powerful 3-Step Morning Routine Before Work is a realistic pre-work morning routine because it’s:

  • Flexible (you can enjoy your morning as normal and make space for this where you best see fit)
  • Short (though by all means, spend longer if you’d like)
  • Efficient (featuring my fave powerful high vibe habits that can still be effective when done in a short period of time)
So you want to start the day with positive energy but you don't have two hours? I've got you! Here's a simple 3-step high vibe morning routine that will raise your vibes first thing so you feel good, enjoy positive energy for the day, and even manifest more easily! #personaldevelopment #goodvibes #highvibes #mindset #successhabits #positiveenergy #positivity #selfgrowth #manifestation

Powerful 3-Step Morning Routine Before Work for High Vibes in 20 Minutes Or Less

Top Three High Vibe Morning Activities

There are many amazing high vibe activities you can do in the morning. After experimenting with many, I’ve found that these three activities are the most powerful for generating positive energy for the day ahead. Plus, they’re great for helping you manifest successfully. They’re also easy and require little in the way of effort or resources. You can even do them all for free if you’d like. Of course, everyone is different, so start with this and play around with other options until you find the best pre-work morning routine for you.

See below for the my top 3 high vibe morning activities and recommended durations.

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I recommend doing whatever you like to do in the morning to get ready while creating a 15-20 minute window to complete your pre-work morning routine in one go. You can even set a timer. So you can start this first thing when you wake up. Or do it in the middle of getting ready. Or save it for last. Whatever do, set aside the time and go through the full routine. Don’t do it for me. Do it for you. You may notice a difference in your energy immediately or it may take some time, but every little bit adds up.

There is no time-based schedule (“wake up at 6am!!!”) because…I don’t know what time you want to wake up! Haha. So I’ve provided durations instead. This makes this morning routine excellent for anyone who craves flexibility. You can do your normal morning stuff and carve out 10-15 minutes for this morning routine before work.

Powerful 3-Step Morning Routine Before Work (10-20 Minutes)

Short and sweet. Simple and fun. I hope you enjoy this morning routine as much as I do. This is my go-to morning routine when I’m short on time before work, but I still want to maintain my high vibe habits. It’s perfect for squeezing in before work.

I often find when I’m short on time that it can be more challenging to do other high vibe activities I enjoy, like taking walks, working out, etc. So these are great because they can be done quickly and effectively. Plus, as I mentioned, these activities are super powerful, so a little goes a long way. Trust me, I’ve already tried to figure out what I can get away with in a short amount of time. These are the winners!

Your Morning Routine Activities for Boosting Positive Energy

The times below are recommendations, but spend as little or as much as you’d like. You can also switch up the order, but I do recommend doing gratitude first thing.

20 Minute Morning Routine Before Work

  • 5 Minutes Practicing Gratitude
  • 5 Minutes Meditating
  • 10 Minutes Journaling

15 Minute Morning Routine Before Work

  • 5 Minutes Practicing Gratitude
  • 5 Minutes Meditating
  • 5 Minutes Journaling

10 Minute Morning Routine Before Work

  • 2 Minutes Practicing Gratitude
  • 3 Minutes Meditating (Or Simply Focusing on Your Breath)
  • 5 Minutes Journaling

Hope you enjoy this Powerful 3-Step Morning Routine Before Work! Be sure to experiment and see what works best for you. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll start making even more time in the mornings for more high vibe QT. Woop!

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Thank you for stopping by and checking out this Powerful 3-Step Morning Routine Before Work Idea. Hope this helps your days be as awesome as possible and your manifestations flow quickly and easily to you. Let me know what you think if you try it out. Cheers!