How to Instantly Remove Blocks (for Manifestation)

If you’re into manifestation, then you probably know about blocks. Those pesky things that keep our manifestations from flowing right to us. Or maybe you’ve just been wondering, “Why on earth is the Law of Attraction not working for me?!” The answer to this question is probably…you guessed it…blocks. This post talks about How to Instantly Remove Blocks (for Manifestation).

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What Are Manifestation Blocks?

Manifestation Blocks are anything that are getting in the way between you and what you want.

Types of Manifestation Blocks

When it comes to manifestation, there are many types of blocks, but what I see causing the most mayhem is mindset blocks. So we’re going to focus on those for the purposes of this blog post.

Mindset Manifestation Blocks

Manifestation *mindset* blocks are when your thoughts, beliefs, and what-not in your mind are messing with your intentional use of the Law of Attraction such that you’re not getting your desired results.

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The Truth About How to Instantly Remove Blocks (Mindset)

So here’s the thing about *instantly* removing blocks…

It’s Catchy But Unlikely

Now, as a mindset coach, I’m all about not creating limitations on myself or you. But it’s unlikely that you will be able to undo blocks that have taken (most likely) decades to form in an instant.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, and I’m certainly open to miracles and transformation through ease, but I haven’t personally had much experience with instant block removal (that actually works). Keep reading for my real life example.

Consider a simple thing your family member has said to you over the years, like “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” If you’ve heard this hundreds (or even thousands) of times in your life, how likely can you instantly choose to believe that money is plentiful?

Yes, you totally can.

But what I see most often is that since we’re spiritual beings having a human experience in an imperfect physical world, we tend to focus on what we’ve already experienced instead of hoping for an unfamiliar ideal.

Avoid the Magic Pill Solutions

I’m seeing so many parallels from my time blogging about healthy living as with dream life chasing: the trendy solution is the “magic pill.” The quick fix. Getting the instant results with little effort.

And while it hurts my traffic to not create eye-catching (but unlikely) solutions, I’m not here for popularity. I’m here to help those who are willing to take action get real results.

My suggestion: avoid magic pill solutions.

*loudspeaker crackles on*: “Put. down. the. magic. pills. Step away…from the magic pills, please.”

Don’t fear the effort. Corny as it is, this holds true: the magic is often in the journey, not the destination.

So Can You Instantly Remove Mindset Blocks?

Yes. Anything is possible in this world.

3 Steps to Instantly Remove Blocks (for Manifestation)

So, how do you instantly remove blocks for manifestation? Instantly shift your mindset.

Yup, that’s it.

You can do this in 3 steps:

  1. Identify what’s blocking you
  2. Decide you’re ready to shift your mindset
  3. And instantly choose an opposite but supportive mindset thought/belief/etc. instead

It’s basically a simplified version of my Signature Troubleshoot Method. 😉

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My Real Life Example Instantly Removing Blocks

Here’s a real life example for me. I’ve struggled for years with making friends. As a socially-awkward outcast in school who was told I was “annoying”, I adopted beliefs around it being difficult for me to make friends. And that people didn’t like me, in general.

One day (just a couple years ago!), as I was thinking about these friend-related limiting beliefs and wanting to be rid of them, I realized that this set of beliefs wasn’t true.

Instead of looking at friendships that didn’t work out, I started looking at friendships that did. I realized that I may have a false belief about what “friendship” looks like holistically.

And in that moment, I had a powerful a-ha experience that nearly instantly shifted this block for me. I changed my thought from feeling like people did not naturally like me to that they actually do. At least my soul-friends do.

In truth, this has been on my mind for years! And I’ve tried different things to work through this. So, it wasn’t truly an instant shift in the sense that I had worked on it before. But, the feeling of that realization felt like me instantly removing the block. And that was a pretty cool experience.

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Do you have another way on How to Instantly Remove Blocks (for Manifestation) so that your manifestations flow with ease? Comment below! If there are more ways to truly, instantly remove blocks, I’d love to learn about them!

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