It’s Never Too Late to Reclaim Your Health: A Personal Story about Everyday Bravery

In a world of 20 under 20 and 30 under 30 lists, do you ever feel like it’s too late to be what or who you truly desire? To live your life the way you truly dream of?

I’m here to say that it’s not.

You are in the right place at the right time.

Say it with me: I am in the right place at the right time.


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Because here’s the thing: you can make the choice whenever you’d like to start again. Or to make a fresh start!

You can do this whether you want to take up a new hobby, try a new workout, revisit something you loved when you were younger, or you want to take control of your health.

To illustrate this, I’d like to share a couple stories with you. One from my life happening now and one I read about recently.

On Revisiting Figure Skating After 20 Years

When I was younger, I trained for almost 10 years as a competitive figure skater. I thought – once you graduate high school, it’s game over, right? I tried to keep up with skating over the years, but the sessions always happened when I was at my 9to5. And it’s not like I could leave the office early to go ice skating. That would be…frowned upon.

So I grew further and further out of touch with skating as time went on.

Fast forward to this year, and I decided to visit my home ice rink now that I’m back in the Carolinas. It felt great to be back on the ice, and I’m considering going more frequently.

PLUS, I’ve discovered a wonderful world of adult skating. People of all ages are training and even competing! I literally saw a video of an 82 year old woman ice dancing on my Insta feed the other day, and she looked gorgeous out there. Here I thought I almost wasn’t allowed to skate. But there’s a brand new world I can embrace if I choose it.

If I’d kept believing in my limitations, I may never have discovered this world.

I’m taking things slowly, but I’m currently considering taking lessons again and…maybe…just maybe…competing!

You would think this would come easily to me because I’ve worked through my limiting beliefs with dancing and similar challenges as an adult. But limiting beliefs can be tough. If you’re struggling with your own, I hope this encourages you to keep going.

This is me working on overcoming my limiting belief and saying it’s never too late to skate. Sure, I’m not going to the Olympics, but maybe there’s something beautiful here to explore. And I’m looking forward to what’s next.

Even if that’s simply the feeling of joy I experience every time I step on the ice.

If you want to follow my skating adventures, I’ve started new accounts here:

⛸ Instagram: @dianaskatesagain

⛸ TikTok: @dianaskatesagain

I’m not special, but I did make a choice to push further and not take my expectations as reality. What about you? How can you get closer to your dreams?

Journal Prompt: Is there a hobby or sport you’ve always wanted to do? A workout you’ve wanted to try? An adventure to enjoy?

Journal Prompt: What is the limiting belief holding you back, and how can you work through this to do what you love? What’s one small step you can take in the next day, week, or month?


Reclaiming Your Health at Any Age

Have you found yourself thinking, “I’m too old to ____”? Especially around your fitness, movement, or health overall?

I know I’m guilty.

Besides the obvious “I’m too old to skate” that we just talked about, I have had many doubts in my abilities over the years.

I’ve thought that I’m too old to:

🌟 Dance
🌟 Keep teaching Zumba
🌟 Try new workouts
🌟 Take up cycling
🌟 Etc.

What are you telling yourself you’re too old to do? To try that dance class? To lift weights? To change the way you eat? To change your habits?

When I’ve thought I’m too old, I’ve felt too old. What I saw around me validated what I was thinking.

What we see often validates what we think.

In fact, our Reticular Activating System helps us filter all the things we encounter in a given day, and it tends to filter for the things you’re focused on. Whoa, right?!

But something interesting happens when you start to question that belief. Because most of the time it really comes down to belief.

If you are fortunate enough to have the privilege of being generally healthy and the ability to move your body as you choose, belief is oftentimes the biggest thing holding us back in this arena.

Yes, there are also limitations on time, money, dependents, etc. But if you’re walking around telling yourself you can’t do something without exploring the belief and actual limitations further, you are cutting yourself off from a world of possibility.

I recently stumbled upon a story of a woman named Joan who got into fitness in her 70s.

Joan found herself at age 70 dealing with some medical issues and suffering from pain due to arthritis. According to her story on her web site, her daughter encouraged her to reclaim her health, and she has been doing just that over the last five years.

Train with Joan - Screenshot of Joan's Instagram
Here’s a screenshot of Joan’s account on Instagram – she’s at @trainwithjoan – isn’t she amazing!?

And while this may not be what you see regularly featured in your favorite magazines or other media, there’s a good chance that there are plenty of people like you doing what you want to do and enjoying a healthy lifestyle they love.

You can reclaim your health at any age. It may look different at 30 than 20, at 40 than 30, or at 50 than it did at 40. It may look different for you than someone older or younger than you. It may look different than even you ever expected it would.

But you can reclaim *your own version of healthy*. This is a powerful decision you can make now.

Journal Prompt: what if reclaiming your health looked *better* than you could have imagined?


Everyday Bravery

The definition of bravery
I love this definition of Bravery by

Indeed, these small examples are showcasing what I call everyday bravery. Sure, we may not be climbing Mt Everest or winning the Olympics (I mean, who knows – maybe you could!), but it is a brave thing to face your fears, go against society norms, question your limiting beliefs, and even just try something new.

How will you move forward in life? Will you choose the comfortable path or will you choose to be brave, get uncomfortable, and pursue your dreams?

Journal Prompt: How can you cultivate everyday bravery in your life to achieve what you know is still inside you?

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I downloaded this message for you when I was journaling during my morning routine earlier today. Hope you enjoyed it.



PS: Reclaiming your health can be a challenge for anyone. I know I’ve struggled myself. This is where the power of coaching can be so beneficial, and why I’m going to begin offering health coaching. ⚡️

As your health coach, I can help you reclaim your health and discover your own best version of health. Together we will set goals (including talking about those new hobbies or workouts you want to try!) and create a plan to achieve them. Plus, I’m there to cheerlead you on and hold you accountable to your plan when motivation is low. After all, results don’t come from motivation. They come from execution. I’d love to support you with this, so stay tuned for ways to work with me coming soon!

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