Healthy Beet Latte Recipe {Vegan, Dairy Free, Caffeine Free, and Gluten Free}

It’s pink. It’s healthy. It’s delicious. And it’s easy! Introducing this healthy beet latte recipe. This drink is vegan, dairy free, caffeine free, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Enjoy this easy recipe for a natural energy boost from all the awesome beet nutrients. Read on for the recipe and to learn how this healthy beet latte recipe can help boost your health with this fun drink.

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Healthy beet latte recipe

What Is a Beet Latte?

This health-boosting beet latte recipe is made by mixing beetroot powder with hot water, a touch of refined-sugar-free sweetener, and frothed milk.

Unlike traditional lattes, this holistic health latte is not made with any coffee (or even any caffeine of any kind). What makes this a “latte” is the use of frothed milk. Sure, a latte is technically a mix of steamed and foamed milk. But, for me, frothed milk is close enough for a simple treat I can make at home without the need of an expensive espresso machine and complicated steam wand. Or the need to visit a coffee shop. Though most coffee shops don’t carry these types of healing lattes…yet! I’d love to see more for sure.

See the section below for my favorite frother that automatically whips up my milk with the touch of a button.

What Does a Beet Latte Taste Like?

Beet lattes definitely taste like beets. The strength of the flavor will depend on how much beet powder you use. At the amount of beetroot powder used in this recipe, the flavor will be relatively light. But I recommend you generally like beets if you want to try this recipe out.

beet latte recipe

Is There Coffee in a Beet Latte?

There is no coffee in this health beet latte recipe. Though a shot of espresso would probably taste good with it.

As is, this is a great coffee alternative for you, your friends, and your loved ones who aren’t into coffee or want a fun, frothy, caffeine-free beverage. This is a great treat for later in the day when you don’t want to worry about the half-life of caffeine potentially disrupting your sleep.

Are There Dyes or Artificial Colors in This Healthy Beet Latte Recipe?

This healthy beetroot latte is actually *naturally* pink thanks to the highly pigmented beetroot powder. Beets are VERY colorful all on their own. High concentrations of beet actually yield a deeper, almost red color. But this healthy beet latte recipe uses enough to add a touch of red. When mixed with creamy milk, the final latte is a pretty pastel pink using one of nature’s best pink-toned ingredients as the star.

So if you’re like me and you like beautiful foods and drinks but not the artificial colors that are so often used, this one is for you.

Simple Pink Beet Latte Recipe

How to Make a Beetroot Latte {In 3 Steps and 5 Minutes}

You only need 5 minutes, 4 ingredients, and 3 steps to make this easy beet latte recipe.

There are many ways to make a beetroot latte. However, we like to keep things as simple as possible here at The Chic Life without compromising quality or health. Whilst you could totally make this recipe with whole beets, I prefer to use a much easier ingredient – beetroot powder.

Other things that help me keep this nice, easy, and stress-free are this water boiler/heater, which gets you hot water at the touch of a button. Also using the right kind of frother can make a difference in ease of recipe creation and clean-up. See section below on frothers.

3 Steps to Make a Beet Latte:

  1. Mix beetroot powder with hot water and stir in sweetener of choice, if using
  2. Froth milk
  3. Stir in frothed milk

That’s it!


See the full recipe below for ingredient measurements and detailed steps.

easy beet latte recipe

Beet Latte Ingredients

Whilst I’m considering making some beet latte variations, I wanted to keep things super simple for this first basic beet latte recipe. This recipe only needs four ingredients. And one of those is simply water!

The ingredients for this healthy beet latte recipe are:

  • beetroot powder: This is made with dried beets that are then pulverized/ground
  • water: You could probably use more milk instead to make this even more creamy – I use water to dirty less dishes and keep this easy
  • maple syrup: Or sub another refined-sugar-free sweetener – see below for other ideas
  • non-dairy milk: I’m using oat milk these days

Yup, the most complicated ingredient is probably the beetroot powder. The others are pantry staples for me.

Beet Latte Substitutions and Alternatives

Be sure to tweak this recipe to suit your tastes and preferences.

Here are some ideas:

  • Instead of maple syrup ➡️ try honey, coconut sugar, or brown rice syrup
  • Instead of oat milk ➡️ try almond, soy, coconut, or macadamia

Milk Tip: Not all milks froth the same. I’ve seen the best results with oat, almond, and soy. If desired, look for barista quality non-dairy milk, which is formulated to do better steamed and frothed. Yes, they sell these in regular grocery stores. 😉

What other substitutions have you tried? Comment below and share your tips to help other beet latte lovers.

Easy beetroot latte recipe

Which Frother Should You Use?

There are now SO many types of milk frothers out there. The two main ones I see again and again are the handheld whisk tools and the standalone frothers. I also have both in my personal kitchen supplies.

Handheld Whisk Tool (Not My Fave – But It Can Work)

Why: Whilst the handheld whisk tools like this one are great, I don’t love them for this recipe. Why? Because you have to heat the milk separately from the water. For the best results, I don’t like microwaving the milk for heating purposes because it’s easy to overdo. IMO, stovetop yields better, more evenly heated results. If you’re like me, you’d have to heat the milk over the stove, which means you’d end up dirtying up another pot to clean in addition to an additional mug/cup/container to froth the milk in.

How-To: If you only have / prefer to use a handheld whisk tool, you can still make this recipe. Simply heat the recipe (whether you go microwave or stovetop) and put the milk in a mug to froth. Be sure there’s plenty of space because this tool pushes the milk up the sides of the container, and it can easily overflow if the container is too small.

Standalone Frother (My Fave)

Why: For ease of making this drink and clean up, I prefer using a standalone frother like this one that I have or this other option with high ratings. All you need to do is pour in the milk, add the lid, and hit the button. This little device will heat *and* froth milk while you work on other steps of the recipe. This makes things SO easy!

How-To: Pour the milk into the frother and froth according to your frother directions. On mine, you just add the lid and hit the one button to start. It will turn off when it’s ready.

Pink Beet Latte Recipe

Why This Beet Latte is Healthy {Health Benefits and Nutrition}

Beetroot powder is super trendy these days. It’s even being marketed as a superfood. Let’s learn more about how this healthy beet latte recipe may be able to boost our health.

According to this article by one of my fave health experts, Dr. Weil:

Beets are rich in vitamin C, folate, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and fiber. They also contain betalains, a class of plant pigments that account for their red, violet, and orange hues and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, beets are a good dietary source of nitrates, compounds that have been shown to help dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow.

Dr. Weil does also note: “Although more research is needed to confirm the health effects of beet powder, juice, and other products, they appear to be safe when consumed as directed.”

Let’s talk about beet nutrition, in general.

According to this article by Healthline, here are “9 Impressive Health Benefits of Beets”:

  1. Many nutrients and few calories
  2. Could help keep your blood pressure in check
  3. Can improve athletic performance
  4. May help fight inflammation
  5. May improve digestive health
  6. May support brain health
  7. May have some anti-cancer properties
  8. May help balance energy intake
  9. Delicious and easy to include in your diet

Click here to read the article, learn more, and check out their citations. There are some gems of info there.

For my fellow athletes and workout enthusiasts, I want to share something that caught my eye in the aforementioned article:

It’s important to note that blood nitrate levels peak within 2–3 hours of consuming beets or their juice. Therefore, it’s best to consume them a couple of hours before training or competing to maximize their potential benefits

So it looks like I’ll be having this healthy beet latte recipe as a pre-workout treat. I originally thought it was going to be better post-workout, but it looks like that’s not the case.

Beetroot Powder vs Beet Nutrition

From my research, there haven’t been that many studies on beetroot powder exclusively. Most results I found were more related to beets in general. I’d be curious to know if beetroot nutrients were impacted by the processing of beets to product beetroot powder. Beetroot powder is created by drying and pulverizing/grinding beets. And as we know, processing of whole foods can sometimes impact nutrition of the resulting product. Either way, it appears more research is needed before we can confirm beetroot powder health benefits.

Beetroot Powder for Injury Recovery

Anecdotally, my physical therapist said beetroot powder could help me recover from my recent minor groin strain since it’s good for blood flow. He said beetroot powder was becoming very popular with athletes that he’s worked with for injury and general muscle recovery.

Why? Well, blood flow is important for injury recovery.

When people ask what the most important thing about healing an injury, recovering
from a recent surgery, or just staying healthy is; my answer is very often related to
blood flow. Maintaining adequate blood flow to the tissues is so important for healing
and health maintenance, yet many assume it is outside of their control. I beg to differ.
Physical activity increases blood flow to the working tissues. Adequate nutrition and
hydration keeps the body’s blood supply generous and healthy. To prevent drying the
tissues out, avoid nicotine, limit caffeine, salt and alcohol intake. In addition, consider
all that Physical Therapy has to offer.

University of Rochester Medical Center

I’m not aware of any studies that measure increased blood flow from consumption of beetroot powder. However, I personally like to stack the deck in my favor and am happy to try out holistic health solutions that have a chance of helping. For me, I’ll do physical therapy, focus on my overall nutrition/wellness, AND add in potentially helpful solutions like this beet latte.

healthy beet latte recipe
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Pink Beet Latte Recipe

Healthy Beet Latte Recipe {Vegan, Dairy Free, Caffeine Free, Refined Sugar Free}

  • Author: Diana


Click for this EASY, delicious, and gorgeous pink beet latte recipe. This healthy beetroot latte is a great caffeine-free, health-boosting alternative to coffee or tea if you still want the frothed milk vibes. This is also great for any pink-themed events or holidays, like birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, Easter, bridal parties, or baby showers. Or enjoy as an everyday treat! This is vegetarian and gluten-free (as long as you ensure the products are gluten-free). If you use vegan milk, this recipe is also vegan.


  • 23 teaspoons beetroot powder
  • 1 cup hot water (around 208 degrees Fahrenheit, around boiling)
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup
  • 1/3 cup oat milk (or milk of choice)


  1. Add beetroot powder to a medium-large mug and whisk in hot water. Stir in maple syrup.
  2. Add milk to a milk frother and froth according to instructions. Note: I use a frother that also heats the milk. If your frother doesn’t heat up the milk, you’ll want to heat the milk prior to frothing.
  3. Pour frothed milk into the beet mixture and stir to combine.
  4. Optional: garnish with a light sprinkle of beetroot powder.


  • You can use more beetroot powder if you’d like. I find that around 2-3 teaspoons gives me a pretty pink color and enough of a beet taste without overwhelming me. Sometimes when I’ve tested adding more, it seems like a lot of the beet powder falls to the bottom of my cup and doesn’t get consumed.
  • See note in the blog post about frothers. I prefer frothers that also heat the milk vs an electronic whisker.
  • The ingredients are gluten free, however please ensure the product you’re using verifies they are gluten free since some products can be at risk of cross contamination depending on their production facilities, etc.
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Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my Healthy Beet Latte Recipe {Vegan, Dairy Free, Caffeine Free, Refined Sugar Free}. Comment below if you try this and let me know how it goes.

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