• Emergency Blondies for Two

    Sometimes you just need dessert…BAD! Hubby and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day date with dinner and a musical. Unfortunately, we ran out of time at dinner to order dessert and decided to get some after the show. Double-unfortunately, the restaurant we wanted to hit up was closed! So, I took matters into my own hands […]


  • Paciencia y Fe

    My Valentine flowers are blooming! I absolutely love having fresh flowers in my house. I’ve long wanted not only a vegetable garden, but a cutting garden, too. I got the veggie version last year, so here’s hoping I can do both this year. I’ve been making quick breakfasts for the last several working days so […]


  • A Dolce Valentine’s Date

    Happy Tuesday guys! Are you remembering to Love U More this week? I hope so! Because you’re awesome and you need to know it. Kay? After working a full day today, hubby and I went out for Valentine’s Day. I actually prefer celebrating holidays out either at home or on a day other than the […]