• National Dance Day 2010

    After our fabu farmers market trip, hubby and I did a little shopping (unsuccessfully) for furniture. We decided to hit up a new sandwich joint in town – Which WIch. The ordering style was unique – select a bag for the sandwich group you want, mark the sandwich and all the toppings you want and […]


  • Muggy Market

    Morning kiddos! Started today with coffee… Power Toast and water (to recover from yesterday’s sweaty workout and to hydrate for today’s big workout). Power Toast on Whole Grain Goodness: TJ’s sunflower seed butter sliced almonds chia seeds Nomalicious yo! Took Bailey to the Farmers Market this morning. It was muggy outside and looks like it’s […]


  • Zumba with the Bloggies

    Years ago, I used to like eating unhealthy stuff for breakfast all the time. It seemed like breakfast was when they had the good stuff: chocolate croissants, sticky buns and other delectable sweets. But not just the sweet stuff – Bagels with cream cheese, egg sandwiches. At some point, I realized that my indulgent breakfasts, […]