Balsamic Roast Chick Peas Recipe


Thanks to yesterday’s comments, I know I have some really clean readers! Score! Three cheers for healthy hand-washing! I have another fun recipe to share with you guys! I made a new Balsamic Roast Chick Peas Recipe!

Balsamic Roast Chick Peas Recipe #healthy #snack #recipe

Here’s a preview…details soon.




I had a granola bar for a quick breakfast this morning.


Funny how my eats revolve around homemade granola bars when I have them. They’re so irresistible!


Now…on to the kitchen experiment!




Take some Italian spices…

add balsamic vinegar


salt + (cayenne) pepper

and VOILA!


You can make this Balsamic Roasted Chick Peas recipe!

Balsamic Roast Chick Peas Recipe #healthy #snack #recipe

These are great to snack on in general…

Balsamic Roast Chick Peas Recipe #healthy #snack #recipe

…to replace popcorn

Balsamic Roast Chick Peas Recipe #healthy #snack #recipe

…to replace croutons on salads (or just to add to salads in general)….

Balsamic Roast Chick Peas Recipe #healthy #snack #recipe

…to bring to potlucks

or any other yummy way!

Balsamic Roast Chick Peas
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Roasted chickpeas make a great snack, potluck dish, or salad topper…among other things. They’re easy, affordable, and pretty healthy. Hope you like them as much as I do!
Recipe type: Snack
  • 1 18-ounce chick peas, rinsed and drained
  • 1½ tbsp EVOO
  • 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • ½ tsp dried basil
  • ½ tsp rosemary
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp oregano
  • ¼ tsp thyme
  • dash garlic powder
  • dash cayenne pepper
  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
  2. Combine all ingredients except chick peas and whisk till emulsified.
  3. Add chick peas and stir to chick peas are well coated.
  4. Spread chick peas evenly in the prepared baking sheet.
  5. Bake for 25-30 minutes, stirring halfway
  6. Enjoy!


Hope you enjoy this Balsamic Roast Chick Peas Recipe!


Lunch = a GIANT salad with baby spinach, baby lettuce, farmers market bell pepper, organic celery, hemp seeds and Italian dresing.


Plus leftover black beans and rice from dinner last night.


I couldn’t resist some doughnut holes hubby picked up for me today. I knew I shouldn’t eat it before my workout (even though it was a few hours away), but I couldn’t resist. :)

I know some people I work out with even eat fast food for lunch before an evening workout, but I get pretty particular about what I eat any time during the day when I have a big workout ahead. I try to avoid fast food and sodas (neither of which I eat much anyways) and sweets (sad face) before a workout. Especially 2-3 hours before, I try to eat light food that is easy to digest. Well, actually, it used to be I tried to avoid bad foods, but thanks to Thrive and Brendan Brazier, I’m starting to focus on easy-to-digest eats before workouts.


THanks to my twitter friends, I decided to wear pink pants tonight.


Bailey had other plans for my pants as he stretched…


…and then got comfy on them.

Too bad I had to kick him off so I could teach class tonight!


Don’t worry, he found another comfy spot on the couch.


Half a homemade granola bar made a great pre-workout snack – esp with all those dates!


I packed up 3 to freeze for later.

Hubby and I have been enjoying the bars so much, though, they’re not going to last long.


Anywho, got my pink zumba pants on and it was time for class.


I think I’m slowly starting to get the hang of putting together a good playlist. What I need to work on next is upping my stamina so I can make the playlist hard without passing out on my class! :lol:

Fave songs from tonight’s playlist:

  • I’m in Miami Trick (I did this one at HLS!)
  • Church
  • What Is It

Guess I was in a hi hop mood tonight!


The Return of Project Hydrate

If you missed the last Project Hydrate, I’ve teamed up with No Fizz Clt to have another Project Hydrate Challenge – 60 at 60!

If you want to get better about your hydration, then join the challenge. It’s fun and free and will go on for 60 days – from September 1st (tomorrow!) to October 31st!

Click here for details

The challenge starts tomorrow! :)


Are you strict on what you eat before a workout? What “rules” or guidelines do you typically follow the day, afternoon or even hour before a workout?

Hand Washaholic


Kicking off another week!


Happy Starbucks Monday to ya! I wasn’t too sleepy today so I just got a tall vanilla soy latte. I almost got a feta wrap, too, but managed to talk myself out of it. Not that they’re that expensive, but I try to only get them once in awhile…they add up. :lol:


I had leftovers from Saturday for lunch (soba noodles, market veggies, tofu). Gotta say, I hate the way meat re-heats, but tofu almost always reheats nicely. At least it doesn’t taste weird.

I was MOST looking forward to some packed treats today….

TWO homemade granola bars! Yummers!


One for a small snack.


Another for a pre-workout snack later. Yummmmmm!

The smell of these was intoxicating! It was all I could do to not gobble them down immediately. lol


Post work, it was time for zumba!


I had about 1 1/2 hours of zumba tonight and it was fabulous! The only downside…all the sweat! Post workout, it was time for some Vega Whole Health Optimizer – a little more than half a scoop mixed with just water.


It was about 9pm by the time I got home. Since I left the house just before 9am, this means I was away from the house for basically 12 hours today with just a quick stop in to change pre-workout. Phew…being away from home so long makes for a long day!


Since I got home so late, hubby and I teamed up to make a quick dinner – TJ’s halibut, brown rice with black beans, peas.


And for a fruit serving disguised as dessert…



…an individual peach crisp.


TIme to finish my peach crisp and sip some bedtime tea.


Final thought…I was watching Hoarders this weekend and they showed a guy who was both a hoarder and OCD. They said he “even washed his hands 20 times a day!“. Uhhhhhhh…I may actually wash my hands 20 times a day – is that a bad thing? I don’t see anything wrong with that! Now, I think this guy gets really obsessive about his hand-washing (I can see why the obsession thing makes it bad), while I’m just a germaphobe, so there’s a difference behind the reason, but it still made me question things.

What do you think? Is it weird to wash your hands a lot? How many times a day do you think you wash your hands? (Maybe I’ll count tomorrow to be sure…lol)

Party on Plates


Happy Sunday to you!




Hubby made breakfast this morning: fried egg, jalapeno foccacia and a soysage.

I chickened out on the jalapeno, though and picked it off for hubby to eat. I’m not very tolerant of spicy foods, though I do typically like a lil kick.


My garden seemed to stop producing the last few weeks, but today I got a handful of cherry tomatoes and one ripe, Mr Stripey heirloom tomato. BLT anyone?


Hubby and I did dinner with Emily and Casey tonight at Kabob Grill.





I got my usual “party on a plate” aka the Veggie Combo. We had 3 of these at the table since Emily and Casey got the Veggie Combo, too!


Plus baklava for dessert! With pistachios!



We’re trying to get lots of QT in with these guys before they move. This was their last weekend as local residents!


Post dinner, I had an hour to work on house stuff before the 2 hour season premier of Drop Dead Diva (wheeeeeeeee!), so I decided to make a long-due project: homemade granola bars.



Aren’t homemade granola bars the best!?


I noshed on popcorn whilst enjoying Drop Dead Diva (which is currently on…eeks…I need to get back to the show!).

I added some melted butter and rosemary and salt to the popcorn…yummers!





I need to let the bars rest a bit longer before cutting them but I did have one for a taste. Boy was it good! I love this recipe! I’m currently tweaking it to perfect it for me, but here’s the version I made originally (click to view).

I’m off to enjoy the end of DDD. G’night!


The Chic Life Around the Web

Check out my guest post on The Kitchen of a Runner (click to view)!

And Yellow Brick Beauty made my Green Monster Muffins…nice job!


What’s your favorite granola/energy bar? Post the brand name or a link to the recipe…I’m always on the lookout for a great product or recipe to try!

Farewell FrontBurner Brunch


I managed to compile a list of all the words Bailey knows today. At least I think I got all of them.

Words Bailey knows:

  • sit
  • stay
  • lay down
  • play dead
  • come here
  • sit up
  • stand
  • turn
  • bow
  • high five (gimme five)
  • get the (insert item)
  • bring the (insert item)
  • give
  • ball
  • kong
  • bone
  • doggie bed
  • bed
  • up
  • off
  • mommy
  • daddy
  • aunt theresa
  • grandma
  • grandpa
  • food
  • food bowl
  • flip it
  • water
  • treat
  • birthday cake
  • peanut butter
  • chicken
  • kiss
  • gimme kissy
  • cage
  • outside
  • inside (in)
  • hurry up (our term for “go potty”)
  • walk
  • walkie
  • car ride
  • it’s dinner time (signal for him to get on his bed)
  • sing

Guess I need to work on some more videos! lol


Headed to Emily’s house for brunch today. Even though they are in the middle of a big move, they still hosted a wonderful brunch at their house today. So brave! Go Emily and Casey!


I brought some roasted chick peas.


The dogs went crazy for the chickpeas…must have been the cumin?

There were so many yummy eats there:



Kelly’s Cranberry orange scones.


Roasted chickpeas (click for recipe).


Kate’s Banana bread.


Emily’s Fruit salad.


Emily’s Millet salad.


Whit’s Green salsa.


Per the usual…I had a little bit of everything.


But brunch wasn’t complete without dessert! Brittney’s blueberry pie!


Even Michelle (who admits to not liking blueberries) liked this pie! :)




Such a fun time with friends! Our Charlotte crew is the best!


After hanging out a bit with their fun-loving dogs…


…it was time to say goodbye to Emily and Casey. :( Just for the day though. We still have a few plans with them before they move.


After brunch, I decided to relive an old favorite pastime of mine…browsing the bookstore.


It seems I’m so crazy-busy these days that I rarely have “free time” to do…well…not much of anything. So, today, I took a couple hours back, picked up a stack of magazines, got a coffee, and kicked back for a bit.


I had a nice, diverse stack of options – style, house, food. It was lovely! I need to make more time for fun stuff like this!


Hubby hung out with the boys tonight, so Bailey and I had a night in.


I got some tri-color green beans from the garden to add to dinner.



Soba noodles with tofu, farmers market zucchini + squash, organic peas, and sesame seeds.


I browsed a couple of my fave books (too bad I don’t have enough time to make anything in them at the moment!)…


…and watched Lifetime movies, including Bond of Silence, which was based on a true story. It was so sad, but I loved at the end how they showed video of the actual people the movie was based. They explained that the 2 featured now go around giving talks to help prevent what happened to them, which is so admirable.



And I picked up cupcakes for me and hubby – double chocolate. These cupcakes got best cupcake in town recently, so I had to see what the buzz was about. They were really good, but had way too much frosting for me. I like more cake than frosting.

Which do you like more – the cake or the frosting?

Jalapeno Market Bread


Morning friends!

Ahhhhhh the weekend is here. I typically use the weekends to catch up on lost sleep from the work week, but this morning, around 8:30am, I was awoken to the cold nose of Bailey nudging my arm. He’s so cute though, you can’t be mad. lol


Groggy as I was, coffee was very appreciated!


And I had a little yogi cereal with organic milk for a quick breakfast (I have yummy brunch plans later, so I’m not trying to fill up too much!)


Hubby and I headed out for a quick trip to the grocery store and the farmer’s market. I brought some water and my ED&BV book so I could look up inspiration for something to bring to brunch.

At first I was thinking hummus, but then I got a better idea…to revisit a personal FAVE! You’ll seeeeeeeeee…..


Here are some photos from the market today:






Hubby spotted something in the bread table…



Pickled jalapeno foccacia! These were made with pickled jalapenos from another vendor at the same market.

We also got:

  • gala apples
  • zucchini
  • figs (just 2)
  • purple bell pepper
  • green bell peppers

We’re home now and I’m trying to bake off my brunch item! Eeks…running late!

Btw, hubby has already devoured about half of that bread! lol Guess it’s a winner!

See you after brunch! :)

What are you buying today (farmers market or otherwise)?

Dog Bar Birthday Party








Bailey got up early to read the paper.


Moooooommmmm! Stop taking my picture!


Breakfast = egg scramble with spinach, soysage, whole grain toast with real butter.



I finally got to try that ED&BV lentil soup I made awhile back for lunch today. I drizzled it with EVOO and sprinkled fresh parsley from my herb garden on top.


And as if I didn’t have enough bread today, I had a piece of WW toast with Justin’s Chocolate PB and hemp seeds.


Pre-workout snack = Larabar.


By the time work was over, I felt like sleeping.

But I knew I’d feel revitalized and refreshed if I went to zumba, so I picked myself up, changed and got ready for class.


Zumba time!


Post zumba, I met up with Caitlin so we could celebrate our dogs’ birthdays!


We hit up the Noda dog bar.


And we came prepared with a doggie birthday cake (from Barbara’s Canine Catering).

Bailey knows what birthday cake means. Whenever we say “birthday cake” he perks up and licks his lips. :lol:


The dog bar was kicking.


We got to hang out with Kate + Nate, but poor Gilbert was home sick.


And Kelly made it out, too, with her doggie Rascal!



Soon enough it was time to serve and share the birthday cake. The dogs went crazy for it!



Bailey was one happy pup.


This dog drooled ALL OVER my leg waiting for a piece of cake! Once we found his owner and got an ok to share, we gave him some.


Hubby and I ate at the dog bar, too.


We split pizza from Revolution Pizza. They deliver to the dog bar and I think you even get a dog bar discount! Very tasty stuff!


Happy Birthday Bailey and Maggie!!!!






After the dog bar, hubby and I took Bailey to explore a bit more of Noda.


And to get froyo. Nommmmmm!

We swung by local favorite Tasty Yo. I’ve been wanting to try this place for forever!


I got the plain tart with coconut, kiwi, strawberries and a yummy raspberry sauce.

Loved how creamy this stuff was! And they got some (or all?) of their fruit from the local farmer’s market! Love that!


Hubby and I found a nice bench in front of the fire station and near a live, outdoor concert to enjoy the froyo.


Then it was time to hit the road and head home.


Not before one last photo. Guess what I said to make him turn around and pose for the photo?

That’s right! I said “birthday cake”! :lol:

Does your pet know any words? My previous dog, a German shepherd, knew a lot of words, including the word “cat”, which made him go crazy barking! Of course, he also knew the word “food”, which made him hover around you in hopes of getting some human food to eat!

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