Grocery Shopping – 2/19/09

I've posted a couple random shots of my groceries before, but I thought it may be interesting to try to post more of my trips. 

Hubby and I are working on budgeting better so we can start to save for a house.  According to him, we had $37 for groceries for the rest of February, as of yesterday (and before these shopping trips)…yikes!  I've lived on less before, so we should be ok.


After work, my first stop was Great Harvest Bread Company, where I snagged this loaf of Dakota.  I'm hoping to incorporate this bread into lots of meals to help us make it through the month, especially since it's a good source of whole grains and seeds (at least I think it is?).


After GHBC, I hit up Trader Joe's to get some ingredients for a couple meals I'm semi-planning.  I got some red kidney beans, some garbanzo beans, the smallest/cheapest container of grated parmesan I could find (they are priced by weight and come in different sizes), and a bottle of 3-Buck-Chuck.  I suppose it seems foolish to get wine on a tight budget, but I'm planning a couple pasta meals using the wine, which would make it more affordable spread out over the various meals.


After Trader Joe's, I went home and then Hubby and I went out again to hit up Target.  He wanted to shop for a new shower curtain (guess I may have inspired him with the new one I got?), and I wanted to help him pick one out.  We were torn between a blue-greenish-stripey one and a black and white bold-striped one.  We couldn't decide, so we didn't get either and are going to think on it some more.

After Target, We went to Harris Teeter and got some bacon (for dinner and another meal I'm considering making) and some tater tots.  I quickly checked the label on the tater tots as we were walking over to the checkout and was pleased to see 0g trans fat.  They must have re-done their recipe because I could swear the last time I checked the label, there was more like 1.5g trans fat.  Good for them!

Please excuse the plastic bags in the photos…this was taken post dinner, and I had already put the bacon and tater tots up and was too tired to take them back out for the photo.

Guess I'd better get meal planning!

3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping – 2/19/09”

  1. Just to let you know, even though a label may say a product has 0g trans fat, it still may. Many times a product DOES contain trans fat, but they aren't required to list it because it's technically 0g PER SERVING. But if you eat more than one serving, you're eating trans fat. Look for partially hydrogenated oils in the ingredients list to see if something actually does contain trans fat.

  2. tater tots…. uhm…even if they don't have trans they still have plenty fat.. no? You could do your own baked home style fries instead if that would fit the bill. Just chop spuds as thin or as thick as you like… toss the chunks in a bit of veggie oil, bit of salt and pepper and bake at about 375 or so.. …shake pan up to turn them every so often… very nice flavour and you control the amounts of salt and fats….

    I bought a huge chunk of cheese today because it was on sale half price plus another dollar off at the till…. I never pay regular price for cheese…it comes on sale often. I grate it, pack into little baggies about one cup servings and freeze it so I'm not tempted when I open the fridge… I'm trying to keep cholesterol under control with diet..but, if I can't… it'll mean meds that cost about $80 per month… don't want that…so I work pretty diligently at it. I only use it once in a great while cooking and sort of put it on hubby's half of a casserole dish… lol……


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