First Dinner Out After EIM Was…

….well, I’ll get to that. First, on to breakfast!



I had some leftover spinach + cheese strata for breakfast today. I love how stratas and breakfast casseroles re-heat nicely.

I had leftover beef brisket for lunch. The brisket also re-heated quite nicely!


I was pretty snacky all day. I had a piece of spelt toast with Dark Chocolate Dreams sprinkled with chia seeds.


I noshed on some baby carrots.


I also had an unsweetened applesauce.


Bailey had an impromptu photo shoot on the couch today. He looked like he was posing all stretched out.




Sleepy puppy.


I fueled up for zumba with a Bumble Bar. I couldn’t turn down the “organic energy”.


I thought this bar was pretty fab. I love sesame seeds and I also was a fan of the chewy texture. Mmmm….

I had 2 fabulous back-to-back hours fo zumba tonight! Such a good work out and so fun, too!

I was rocking out some fun new zumba wear but forgot to take a photo…doh!

Post class, I started on Day #1 of my Miss Fitness February Challenge. Ugh, I wish I had time to work out my post on that this past weekend (stupid Paypal!) but I didn’t. I’ll try to get it up tomorrow in case any one’s interested.

And for my first dinner out – I went to…






I went with my zumba girlfriends to an awesome sushi dinner out.

I started with a pomengranate sake-tini.


I had a miso soup and house salad with ginger dressing.


I also had some tempura zucchini.


And I enjoyed a salmon yakitori.

I also had 3 pieces of California roll with masago but forgot to take a photo! Sorry!


When I got home, I noticed chocolate chip cookies on the stove. Hubby had baked ups some of those break and bake cookies while I was out and about.

I couldn’t resist enjoying one, though I did re-heat it in the oven just a bit for that fresh-baked taste. I have to admit, I really prefer Dreena’s cookies – they are so much lighter tasting. But, who was I to turn down a ready-to-eat cookie, right?

Do you prefer homemade or break and bake (or pre-prepared otherwise) cookies?

11 thoughts on “First Dinner Out After EIM Was…”

  1. Sushi was a good choice for ending the eat in challenge!

    I’m not a huge cookie fan. But I will say, those frosted cookies from the grocery store are to die for! You know, the ones that are either neon yellow, blue, or pink with the sprinkles on top….YUM

  2. Yum…sushi! As for the cookies, I’ll take any kind of chocolate chip cookie. My favorite, though, is my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe.

  3. It’s hard for me to decide, I love all cookies. The smell of cookies baking in the oven is overwhelmingly comforting. I like the break and bake the same as the “from scratch”. Love ’em all!

    By the way, love your new blog – its so cheerful and the car photography is SOO awesome!!

  4. Toast with DCD and chia sounds yummy. I have been wanting to try the Bumble Bars soo bad! And I’m a homemade cookie kind of girl, although the pre made dough ones aren’t terrible 🙂


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