Starbucks Friday Too?

Goodbye Bagel Day Friday?

As most of you know, I celebrate Starbucks Monday every Monday and Bagel Day Friday every Friday. While I still adore my vanilla soy lattes, I’ve been falling out of love with bagels. I mean, I used to eat bagels almost every day, but since turning my attention to really focusing on eating whole grains and finding so many delicious options (hello oatmeal and power toast), I don’t really see any point in eating bagels any more…especially since I don’t really care for them. I mean, if I’d as soon eat a bowl of oatmeal or a piece of whole grain toast as eat a bagel….why not eat the choice that’s better for me?


Of course, this morning, I ended up asking hubby to pick up another fave splurge of mine – the Starbucks spinach feta wrap.

Will I be having Starbucks FRIDAY too now? Hmm…



I love the tender inside paired with the crispy tortilla. Yummers!


I’ve added water to my breakfast to drink with my coffee. The slice of lemon is so visually pretty….plus it makes the water taste good. I really think it makes me want to drink more water. :mrgreen:


Later on – more water and a yerba mate latte.

I had TONS of water today! I did a really good job with Project Hydrate. Must have been the lemon? 😉


I had a repeat of yesterday for lunch.




I had another veggie hummus sammie: Great Harvest Dakota bread, TJ’s organic hummus, spinach, red bell pepper, cucumber, and HEMP SEEDS! Yes, I added the hemp seeds because…well, why not? They’re good for you and you can’t really taste them. Plus they add a lil extra protein.


On the side, I noshed on some red bell pepper and cucumber (I chopped too much up!) and some dill pickles. I love the tang of pickles!


Hubby picked up more local doughnuts today. How could I saw no to one.


I couldn’t. 🙂


I had a healthier snack later – a small handful of raw almonds (there were more but I ate some before remembering a photo…oops!)


Hey, I have almost twice as many Facebook friends today as I did yesterday – you guys rock! If you’re not my FB friend yet, click here to become one. 🙂 Oh, and you should check out my page either way because I have some stuff in the works and my FB friends will find out FIRST!

Oh, and if you’re celebrating Lent and not sure what meatless meal to eat tonight (or if you’re vegetarian or vegan) check out these articles for ideas:

You can check out my other recipe ideas on my Recipe page.

Random reader question: Do you drink water with lemon? Lime? Something else? Or plain/straight-up?

8 thoughts on “Starbucks Friday Too?”

  1. ohmigosh that looks so good! And 280 calories isn’t bad at all! I will have to get one next time I’m out and about in the morning! MMMM

    • I think the Starbucks spinach feta wrap with a nonfat or soymilk latte is a fabulous breakfast on the go (esp compared to the many not-so-healthy options out there). I love it! 🙂

  2. try your water with cucumber or orange!! SOO GOOD!!

    I’m your friend on facebook, and I’m glad because sometimes I don’t get around to reading all the blogs I would like too, but I always read my facebook friend’s blogs! hehe

    I have a facebook page too! Feel free to come join!

    • Hey Jessica, that does sound good! I put cucumber with lemon and lime in my water this weekend and separately I put orange on its own. Citrus is so tasty!

      I’m the opposite of you! I’m really good at reading blogs, but terrible at catching up with people on FB. I’m actually not even a fan of my own page just because I’m trying to keep my FB stuff separate from my bloggie stuff.

      But, I’d be happy to link to you or something? 🙂


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