Helloooooooo lovelies!

I worked on a project last night that got away from me – sorry for the non-post.

I LOVED reading about everyone’s “Better Replacements“! You guys are so awesome!


  • I loved how Emily gave up her microwave! I have been weaning myself off of mine, but I don’t think I can give it up 100%.
  • Most interesting sub went to Brynne for her substitution of amino acids for soy sauce. I’ve been wanting to try amino acids for awhile! (anyone know what it tastes like?)

So glad to hear about others like me who are learning about food and incorporating that education for a healthier lifestyle!

The interesting thing about eating healthier is that the healthier you eat, the healthier you want to eat. The “bad” stuff starts tasting funny or at least becomes less appetizing. Your cravings for french fries and candies start to diminish.

The first time I noticed this was when I was in high school. I was training in figure skating and decided to take things to the next level by working on my nutrition. I knew then far less back than I knew today, but I had the good sense to, at minimum, give up candy and fast food. I wanted to eat food that would help me jump higher and spin faster and have more endurance. I felt like a real athlete! The results were wonderful. I found that not only was my skating better (and jumping higher and spinning faster), but over time, I wanted fast food and candy less and less. I didn’t want soda…I wanted water. I didn’t want candy. I wanted fruit. Instead of wanting fast food at least once a week, I didn’t really want it at all. It was amazing!

Unfortunately, I relapsed in college, but I’ve come around again. 🙂 I’m eating “good” foods, which make me want to eat more “good” foods.

My palate is changing again.

Do you ever see a food you used to love to eat and cringe at the thought of eating it now? Today, I passed a vending machine at the office and spotted a honey bun. I used to love those things when I was a kiddo. Now, I think I’d rather go hungry than eat one. Honey buns have no nutritional value and probably contain lots of chemicals to keep it from spoiling while it sits in that vending machine for (seemingly) eons. If I’m going to eat something sweet and glazed, I’m going to be buying a handmade doughnut from a local bakery that is made fresh that day. Just because a doughnut is from a local bakery doesn’t mean it has nutritional value, but if you’re going to indulge, I figure you may as well have something that is fresh, handmade, and probably has a fraction of the ingredients.

What is your “I Can’t Believe I Used to Eat That!” food?



Guess who finally got to eat something from their garden!? Moi! Ok, so I only harvested a single eeny-meeny cherry tomato and had to back-fill my salad with grape tomatoes from Trader Joes, but still…I ate something! And you know what, those TJ’s tomatoes had NOTHING on the tomato from my garden. Gosh, it was so plump, juicy, sweet and fresh-tasting! Eating that one tomato makes me want to plant like 10 more tomato plants. If only I had the space!


I enjoyed another Chic Pre-Workout Bar today. I gave one to a co-worker yesterday and she said it was really good! Maybe I was hard on myself yesterday? 😆 I will still be experimenting with my recipe to see how other combinations work out. I’m thinking the addition of chia seeds would be a stellar modification from batch #1.

Speaking of chia seeds, I added some to my OpenSky shop (click to view)! I love how these are organic and heirloom quality!


Man, today was stressful!!! Luckily, I had a solution…




AFTER Zumba!

How can anyone be down after zumba! The fun dancing and cheerful songs are such mood lifters. I ALWAYS feel better after a great zumba workout. Yay! 🙂 Tonight I helped co-lead a couple songs including one of my all-time faves – El Alacran (aka the Dance Off song – we split the room and do a little dance off!) and led solo Valio la Pena (my fave salsa). So fun!



Tonight, hubby and I had a pizza dinner. I had two slices of cheese, some more KW Collards (random combo, but they are going bad today or tomorrow, and we wanted to finish them), and half a can of real coke.

Ok, ok…so we just talked about Better Replacements, and here I am downing soda, but I said I changed some things…not all! I’m working on it people! 😆 (btw, I have found a more natural form of coke – this guy I had at Earthfare…deeelish! Wish I had one of those tonight!). Anywho, I rarely drink soda at least. I’m definitely a no-diet kind of girl. I’d just rather have less of the real stuff.


Hubby and I split an organic gala apple for dessert.


We used it to help train Bailey. His latest trick-in-the-making: beg. He’s a natural (click), so I think he’ll catch on veeery quickly!

Remember to leave me a comment with your “I Can’t Believe I Used to Eat That!” food! 😉