Peachy Keen

Hi from my parents’ house! We’ve had a relaxing but busy weekend so far.

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Bailey always loves a good trip to visit “grandma and grandpa”.

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I love the area behind their home. There’s always so much growing.

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My mom took me on a tour of their garden to show me updates from the last time I saw it.

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Baby okra.

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IMG_5944 (600x400)

Baby bell pepper.

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Yellow bell pepper.

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Green beans

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And quite the assortment of tomatoes.

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After a simple breakfast of bacan and egg sammies on WW rolls, we headed out for some more home-grown food adventures.

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First up – the farmer’s market.

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They had quite the assortment of dried beans, most of which I believe are local.

Mom and dad did the shopping and I just wandered around scoping out stuff.

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Sis bought boiled peanuts for us to snack on as we headed out to our next destination – the peach farm!

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My parent’s found a place that grew Red Haven peaches.

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The farm was pretty busy with people picking their own fresh peaches.

IMG_5988 (600x400)

Squashed peach.

IMG_5994 (600x400)

The weather was perfect for being outdoors – warm but not too hot and with a slightly cool breeze. It felt like heaven outside.

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Unlike last year’s blueberry picking adventure, it took us no time to fill up a basket with farm-fresh peaches.

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And then we headed off the farm for lunch.

IMG_6024 (600x400)

Not before checking out at the peach stand of course.

Have you been to a local farm this year? What did you get?

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