Restless Legs Bailey

Thank you all so much for your insightful comments on Monday’s post about Jeremy (click to view comments). I wasn’t sure how the post would be received, but I’m so glad everyone seemed to get the positive message I was trying to convey.


Fall is definitely here, but the only thing telling me today was fall was the plethora of golden-hued leaves on the ground. The weather was balmy and warm!

Hubby and I had a horrible night of sleep last night thanks to Bailey being completely restless. He jumped up on the bed around 2am this morning, landing on my head and the pillow. Then, he tried laying on the pillow…while my head was still on it. After we kicked Bailey off the bed, he decided to go into our bathroom and pee on our bath mat. What the…? So, we decided maybe Bailey was freaking out because it was raining outside and sometimes storms scare dogs. So, we let him get back up on the bed where he restlessly moved around. Laying in one spot. Then moving to another. Then another. Hubby was getting annoyed, while my paranoia kicked in. What if Bailey was trying to tell us something? Like a huge storm was coming. Or that someone was trying to break in. Or that there was a gas leak in our house and we needed to get up immediately?! Meanwhile, hubby decided to just take Bailey out to see if maybe he just needed to do his business. And that’s when I fell back asleep till the morning.


So, breakfast was a bit of a rush and I decided to eat it on my way to work.


Just PB WW toast with chia seeds.


Mmm…car fooooood.

Work was a little rough today thanks to Bailey and my lack of sleep, but I pulled through.


After work, hubby and I took Bailey for a little walk.



Bailey loved it! I thought the fresh air was pretty energizing, too.


Once home, hubby and I got started on dinner.


I made some Simply Sauteed Swiss Chard with some chard hubby picked up at the market (do I owe you guys this recipe?)…


…plus I concocted a new recipe using pantry ingredients – Shrimp in a Saffron Broth.


I served it over rice, though I think maybe I should have used orzo or something else that didn’t sop up the liquid quite so much.

I’ll post the recipe soon. Recipe posted! Click here to view my Shrimp in Saffron Broth recipe. It’s a goodie – uses few ingredients, fast, easy. And it’s pretty cheap, too, as long as you already have saffron on hand.



Mmm…local veggies.


And there’s always room for cake (click to view more about this particularly yummy, from-scratch cake)!

And have you seen about my latest challenge – Healthy Thanksgiving 2010? Please click on the image below to learn more – I’d love to have you participate!

Plus my beef stew recipe is now up – click here to view it (it would be fab to make this weekend!)

Also, Happy-Happy 26+2 Birthday to Kath!

Does your pet ever get super restless? Did your pet have an upset stomach or was it trying to save your life? Have any funny or interesting stories? Tell me about it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Restless Legs Bailey”

  1. I hate when my dog gets restless at night. Does Bailey sleep in bed with you guys? Our dog does and whenever he isn’t feeling well, he moves around all night, jumps on and off the bed, and just can’t get comfortable. It’s awful.
    Hope Bailey feels so much better today!!

    • Bailey sleep a little on our bed and a little off. We try to not let him sleep up there all night, but he’s usually there in the morning or jumping up there when we wake up. lol Thanks! 🙂

  2. our cat sleeps in our bed, but she’s usually pretty good. during the week, we usually go to bed between 10-11 get up between 6-7 and she usually sleeps there the whole night. however, on the weekends she still wants to get up early and so sometimes she brings her toys into bed or into the bedroom and starts to play. then my husband gets annoyed and locks her out. 🙂

  3. Oh, Bailey! Sorry you didn’t sleep well – at home my parents have a crazy cat who drives them nuts some nights. But animals are so cute and sweet, it’s pretty tough to stay mad at them 🙂
    I just saw your Thanksgiving challenge and it sounds fun! I hope I can think of a good idea!


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