Thanksgiving Feast 2010

Hubby and I spent this year’s Thanksgiving with his family.

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My mom’s family is on the other side of the world (and doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving) and hubby’s family is mostly up north, so growing up, we always had small celebrations (unless our cousins came for a visit). At my family’s Thanksgiving table, it was usually just me, my mom and dad, and my sister.

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Hubby’s family celebrations are more the traditional, large-family get-together type. There are usually about 14 people in the mix…a much larger group than our usual 4. I love my family get-togethers…but I really love hubby’s family get-togethers, too. It’s fun to celebrate a holiday in another style and with lots of people around. 🙂

Either way, it’s always a happy-time when you’re celebrating the holidays. And guess who was excited for Thanksgiving this year?

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I was!!!

Hubby and I headed to his family’s place around 5pm.

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We started with their traditional veggie tray. I snacked on this quite a bit before the main event got underway.IMG_0511 (640x427)

Plus, we had vino, beer, and crackers.

IMG_0521 (640x427)

I snapped a quick photo of my place setting before dinner got started. I love all the antique and heirloom pieces.

IMG_0538 (640x427)

Meanwhile, things were wrapping up the kitchen. The turkey was carved, potatoes were mashed, and gravy was created.

IMG_0550 (640x427)

I enjoyed looking at some of the family’s antique silverware. Hubby’s aunt had no idea what this little tool was for, so I made it my mission to figure it out before the end of the night. I took a picture and sent a request out to my twitter friends.

IMG_0554 (640x427)

IMG_0557 (640x427) 

These antique serving spoons made it into the mashed potatoes. There were two bowls – one for each spoon.

We had a lot of eats on the table….here are some photos….

IMG_0579 (640x427)

Green bean casserole

IMG_0572 (640x427)

Hubby’s mom’s famous “dry dressing”

IMG_0580 (640x427)

Rolls, including some homemade by hubby’s uncle.

 IMG_0595 (427x640)

Turkey with hubby’s uncles famous beer gravy and cranberry sauce. IMG_0583 (640x427)

Stuffing IMG_0607 (640x427)

Salad IMG_0623 (640x427)

It was a real Thanksgiving feast and I filled up my plate with a little bit of everything. Everything was delicious. I savored every bite. I ended up only going with one plate this year. I wanted to save room for dessert without feeling overstuffed before the end of the night.

And there were definitely plenty of desserts…

IMG_0630 (640x427)

A family recipe pecan pie from hubby’s aunt’s mom, baked by hubby’s aunt’s daughter. I had first had this pie a couple years ago at a holiday celebration and have been looking forward to more ever since. I was really excited to see it tonight!

IMG_0629 (640x427)

I brought butterscotch dough balls (I doubled the batch and somehow they flattened out! Whoops! 🙁 ) and some of my latest creation – lemon rosemary thumbprint cookies with strawberry preserves.

IMG_0634 (640x427)

Sugar cookies

IMG_0637 (640x427)

Raspberry cobbler

 IMG_0642 (427x640)

Many other pies, including hubby’s mom’s gingerbread pumpkin pie, two apple pies, and the pecan one I mentioned earlier.

IMG_0670 (640x427)

As much as I wanted to, I knew I couldn’t have a bit of everything. So, I had some of the pecan pie, apple pie, cobbler, and gingerbread pumpkin pie. Everything was wonderful!

Plus, it was fun to catch up with hubby’s family. Those guys always have such interesting things going on!


By the way, I figured out, with my most-awesome google-skills, that the strange antique silverware piece is a “baby food pusher”, which apparently is supposed to be used by children too small to use knives to push food onto their forks. Who knew?


The older I get, the more thankful I become. I feel like I appreciate things more and more every day that I never did before, especially things I used to take for granted.

I’m thankful for:

  • hubby
  • family
  • Bailey
  • friends
  • my health
  • my job
  • our house
  • the ability to teach Zumba
  • my blog readers – that’s YOU reading right now.  Thank you for helping keep TCL going. 🙂


And I leave you with a cute video. Check out these turkeys:

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends!

What are you thankful for?

13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Feast 2010”

  1. My amazing hubby and beautiful furry kids! My husband is my rock, and truly my angel. I am so thankful to have him and his wonderful parents, who I adore, in my life!!!!

  2. I am always most thankful for the great people/support system I’ve been blessed with. After that, my job is something I’m extremely grateful for. They’re doing a lot of lay offs and moving jobs around where I work. To stll have a job makes me very thankful!

  3. I just discovered your blog & absolutely love it! I especially love the corgi at the top right of your page! Is he/she yours? SO cute! Can’t wait to make your cookie dough balls!

    • Hey Wendy! So glad you found my blog! I think from your other comment, you found my Bailey page. He is my dog. He’s about 3 years old and such a cutie pie! Hope you like the dough ball recipe! 🙂

  4. I feel the same exact way about holidays. Our celebrations were always pretty small growing up, but my MIL and FIL are both one of 5 siblings (gotta love the good old Irish/Catholic families) and holidays are massive get togethers.

    Our first Thanksgiving together was a little over a month after we first started dating and I about died when I walked in the house and met the massive FIL side of the family. However, my love for my husband just grew because I love that I get to be part of such a big group.


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