Natural Filipino Cold Remedy

If you’re just catching up, I spent the weekend in Atlanta! You can check out the first post here, an amazing Atlanta dining experience here, and the whole reason for the trip here.


In the morning, we had lots of yummy food waiting for us – quiche, potatoes…


…and homemade oat bread (I got the recipe!).


Still feeling under the weather, I had some green tea after my morning cuppa joe.


My aunt and uncle gave my sister and I a sample of this Filipino fave – a mung bean cake.


Since I’m a fan of Chinese food, including bean-based desserts, I actually didn’t think this was weird. In fact, it was quite tasty!


Knowing I was still sick, my aunt offered to make me a natural cold remedy – Filipino style.

Important Note: I’m not a doctor or registered anything, so please don’t take this post as medical advice. I’m just showing you what my family gave me for informational/educational purposes. You should always seek medical advice from a professional when looking for medicinal treatments. 🙂


My aunt plucked a stem from a variegated oregano plant she had growing in her home.


She put the leaves in a piece of aluminum foil.


She folded it up to create a little packet and then toasted the packet in a toaster oven for a bit.


Once done, she took the leaves and put them in a garlic press.


She squeezed out the liquid…


…and voila! A holistic cold remedy – about 2 teaspoons worth of oregano juice. Immediately after taking the juice, my nasal passage cleared right up, but it slowly started getting clogged again. 🙁

My aunt gave me more leaves to take a second dose later in the day. Apparently, I’m supposed to do it twice a day?

Bonus – I got a baby oregano plant to take home! This is great, because I’ve never seen this type of oregano before!


We got to sit around enjoying a lazy morning, talking recipes, and catching up. It was lovely!


Hey vegan-friends…lookie what I found. Bet you never thought agar was used for this. This is a snippet from a science book my cousins read when they were kids.


See that? Scientists use agar “to feed bacteria and fungi”! Whoa!


Lookie – you even get some packets of the stuff! You could use this to grow bacteria…or make a vegan dessert? lol

Do you know any natural or holistic cold remedies? What are they?

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  1. I need that oregano plant! I’ve been under the weather the past few days. I felt it coming on for several days and today I had to miss work, which NEVER happens to me. I am hoping I am over the hump now. Hope you are feeling better! I think that oregano plant is so pretty! I have never seen variegated oregano!


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