TCL Recipe Love (6/15/11)

Hubby and I had a mini date night on Tuesday.


(our view at dinner)

We met up at the Mellow Mushroom and, despite the soaring temperatures, decided to enjoy dinner al fresco. For whatever reason, by almost 7pm the day had cooled down significantly. And after enjoying as much fresh air, sun, and surf as I wanted at the beach last week, and then being stuck in a cubicle without fresh air, windows, or any remote escape to the ocean today, I really wanted to just be outside for a bit.


We started with some bruschetta. Hubby and I are big bruschetta fans and will try the dish at almost any restaurant that serves it. This version was really tasty and piled high with tomatoes. Hello Project Veg-Up! I think I got one veggie serving in the app alone.


And to further veg-up, I ordered a side salad. The thing was HUGE, though! I estimated about 5-6 vegetable servings (using this post as a guideline on serving sizes). I got a mix of romaine and spinach with green peppers and broccoli on top, plus balsamic vinaigrette on the side.


After checking the menu for awhile and considering some of MM’s famous specialty pizzas, we decided on just getting cheese.

Then, we headed to Barnes & Noble where I researched a couple new magazines I’m considering subscribing to, as well as a couple new books I’m thinking about buying. Ok, I must confess, I did buy one book…and it looks like a goodie. I can’t wait to get started, but I still have those 14 pages of Water for Elephants. I can’t wait to read them! 🙂


TCL Recipe Comments

Check out this awesome comment someone left on my BBQ Tempeh and Tangy Greens recipe post

Running to the Music said:

I made these recipes this weekend and they were SO easy and came out amazing! I never know what to do with tempeh, but bbq-ing it and pairing it with these delish greens was perfect! LOVE. Thanks!!!

And reader Amanda proves that a vegan version of the infamous Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls turns out wonderfully:

Just tried these with a flax/chia egg (i did mixture of flax and chia – the flax wasn’t getting very gelatonous on its own) and the dough tasted AWESOME and the cooked dough balls turned out great too!!

Seen on the Web

And check out Fit-Whit who blogged about my Individual Brownie Bakes on her Spark People page (click to view). She said:

The nice thing about it is that you can have a homemade brownie dessert fix without having a WHOLE PAN of brownies left around the house to tempt later! Fabulous!

(Click here for the Individual Brownie Bakes recipe)

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed a TCL recipe. The best part of recipes isn’t posting them or even creating them…it’s hearing about how YOU enjoyed them!

Recipe Tester Recruiting

By the way, I’m currently recruiting for recipe testers, if anyone’s interested. I can’t pay you, but I will give you exclusive access to my recipes (before anyone else sees them!). All you have to do is make the recipe (if you like it and have time) and give me some feedback. Please send me a note via my Contact page or email me at thechiclife at gmail dot com, and please indicate if you have preferences: savory, sweet, vegetarian, vegan, entrees, desserts, etc. Please also send me your name, email, and blog URL (if you have a blog).

Reader Project Veg-Up Recipes

And speaking of recipes, here are some of yours that you shared for Project Veg-Up:

Remember, you can share your vegetable/fruit recipes on my Facebook Discussion board here (click). 😉


How’s everyone doing with Project Veg-Up? What challenges and successes are you experiencing?

Do you try to order vegetables as part of your meal when you eat out?

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