Out and About In Philly

So, where did we leave off!?


Ah yes, getting ready to hit the town after the summit wrapped up!

But quickly…a couple other HLS things:

Zumba at HLS: Unfortunately, Gina and I were not able to co-teach another Zumba class together. 🙁 Click here to view the awesomeness that was Zumba at HLS 2010. The gym I was hoping would let us use their facilities tried to charge us $10 per person with a minimum of 20 people. Did I mention Gina and I wanted to teach for free? Anywho, then the hotel was actually willing to let us use a room, but we didn’t have any speakers. As much as I really wanted to teach Zumba with Gina again, I think it’s for the best it didn’t work out. I was going to press for a short class since I’m only able to lead about 3 songs at the moment and probably most (or all?) at low intensity. I think it would be better to be 100% for an HLS Zumba class.


Chic Sweets at HLS: I successfully gave away all the treats I prepared all week prior to HLS – chocolate chip cookie dough balls, sugar cook dough balls, Chic Bars, and coconut macaroons (the ‘roons were for my roomies). Did you get some at HLS? Hope you liked them!


Ok, now back to our outing!


We took a quick trip through the Reading Terminal.


The cheesesteak signs were making me so hungry! I kind of just wanted a big Philly cheesesteak for dinner. 😆


I loved seeing all the beautiful old buildings and taking note of the tiniest details in the sructures (must be my architect dad wearing off on me).


And the giant murals (this one is small in comparison to most of the others I saw) were so fun to see.


Bloggers take over Philly!


We didn’t have long to site see, but I’m glad we went by the Liberty Bell. The last time I saw this, the bell was still outdoors!


The group wanted to go to The Corner for dinner, and the restaurant kindly put a large table together for our group.


Cheers! 🙂


I went family style with Kelly, sharing an appetizer, salad, and entree.


Open kitchens rock – and this one was so pristine!


Leave it to Southerners to find the one Southern restaurant in Philly. Ok, there are probably others, but we did think it was amusing to see collard greens and BBQ on the menu. And we were given these mini buttermilk biscuits pre-meal. Southern eats in Philly, eh? I’ll take it…but I’ll probably order something I can’t get back home. 😉

A quick, fresh-grated dusting of salt, and they were ready to go.


The tiniest biscuits I’ve ever seen!


For our app, Kelly and I shared the “seared scallops: cucumber salad, sour cream, peach compote”


Salad – “beet salad: sour cream (we subbed vinaigrette), capers, lemon, summer squash”

We subbed sour cream with vinaigrette. I like sour cream, but only in small doses.


The really interesting part of the meal came with the entree. Many of us were intrigued by the “Seafood Hotdog” on the menu and asked our waitress about it. She explained that the seafood hotdog was made with fish, scallops, and shrimp. Since the last time I’d heard of such an interesting hot dog was never, I had to try it!

The seafood hotdog was served with fingerling potato chips and cole slaw.


And the verdict? It was really good and totally worked! I thought it was a nice take on the hot dog, sans casing, with a much better filling.

I’d also like to throw in, since I read negative reviews for service for this restaurant on yelp, that our waitress was super nice and accommodating. She happily split up our many checks and took care of our table with a friendly smile.


Post dinner, we met up with some fellow bloggers for cocktails (none for me, thank you Asian flush) and a night on the town. Oh, and we totally saw someone get pulled over right in front of the bar we were chillin in and watched in shock as they got handcuffed and place in the police car. Doh! After getting a recommendation from a couple policemen who outside after all the drama-rama, our group hit up Woody’s for a little fun.

<insert fun, fun fun!> 😀


And post Woody’s, and after a couple detours, we ended up in this line waiting for late night pizza!


Nom! Nothing like pizza to end the night.

Reader question #1: Have you seen the Liberty Bell? Was it inside or outside when you saw it?

Reader question #2: What’s the most unique hot dog you’ve ever had?

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  1. Looks like a great dinner with wonderful ladies!
    I’m bummed I couldn’t make it this year to HLS, but am planning a return trip to Foodbuzz. Will you be going this year? I had such a blast last year, it was awesome to be your food buddy at Millenium!

    • YESSSSSSSSS! We must hang out again Laura! I will try to rest up this time so we can go out-out one night! 🙂 Let’s email and figure out some fun plans. You were an awesome Millennium food buddy!


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