Our local Savory Spice Shop is featuring a great deal through the end of March. Bring in a competitor’s bottle and get $1 off a new SSS bottle full of fresh herbs or spices.


I knew quickly that I wanted to cash in on this offer. So, I gathered the bottles that were empty (or mostly empty) or contained old/expired spices. The chili powder was pretty full, but it had some sort of questionable additive (that I’m too lazy to google/research), so I decided to replace it, too.


Turns out, I didn’t have to replace the old bottles with the exact same spice.


So, I ended up having a pretty good time picking new spice goodies to bring back home.


I got a couple spice basics, plus a new blend. You guys know how much I love my spice blends.


Goodbye old bottles. May you be recycled well.


Hello, savings! I got $32.27 worth of spices, minus $8.00 for my 8 bottles, for only $24.76.


Here are my new spices: Yellow mustard powder, Berebere Ethiopian style seasoning (I’ve been using this one a lot for breakfast), medium chili powder, turmeric, Hungarian sweet paprika, toasted white sesame seeds, hot smoked paprika, Mt. Eolus Greek style seasoning.

Given how fast I went through most of these before, I got regular sized bottles for all but the ground mustard. Woohoo! And yes, I’m excited about new spices. It’s the little things. 😉


I took a pit stop for lunch while I was in the area at Luna’s Living Kitchen. This is one of my favorite restaurants in town, despite the fact that I’m not vegan or a raw foods enthusiast. I just love the delicious, healthful, and beautiful food. Plus, the place has really great, positive energy.


I found a nice sunny spot next to the window and spent some QT with my Fire Starter Sessions book. I know I’m going through the book at a snail’s pace, but I’m really trying to take my time and digest the various sections.


Since I opted for a salad for my main dish, and I’m a bit of a carb-aholic, I ordered a side of the cranberry walnut bread. It’s just so good – lightly sweet with chewy pieces of dried cranberries. You can get it with a side of homemade nut butter, but I like it straight up. It comes out warm and lightly toasted.


I almost always get the quinoa burger at Luna’s, but I decided to try something new – Kale Cornucopia. “Zesty orange-marinated kale, garnished with teriyaki almonds. Served with cauliflower rice and a local green salad”.

I love the side salad with the simple hemp dressing, so this was like having the best of both worlds since I got the kale salad, too. I really enjoyed the light flavors of the dish overall. The orange marinade gave the kale a bright, spring-inspired taste that I’m looking forward to enjoying again very soon.


I wasn’t sure what I’d think of the cauliflower rice, but it was great, too. The flavors of this one were very light, but I thought it went well with the other flavors in the overall plate and had a refreshing bite to it.

And now, after looking at all that beautiful plant-based food, I really want a salad. Too bad Luna’s isn’t closer to my office! Or, maybe that’s a good thing…for my wallet, at least.

I do feel like I’ve fallen off the healthy-eating wagon a bit. I’m only a couple months out of Eat in Month, and I’m already eating out fairly often. But regardless of whether I’m eating in or out, what’s bothering me is that I feel like I’m not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Time for another Project Veg-Up? But, seriously, I am trying to make a more concerted effort to get more fruits and vegetables into my day.

For the last several months, I’ve switched my pre-workout snack from a Larabar to just an apple. The change has been great. I really feel like the apple helps give me an energy boost before I teach (or take) Zumba class, and I even feel healthier and better, overall. Plus, even though I think Larabars are pretty close to clean eats and do contain a fruit serving, the apple definitely is a 100% clean eats choice. I’ve even gotten into having one apple on days I don’t work out. So, there’s one fruit serving. Now, if I could just get more fruit incorporated into breakfast. And more vegetables incorporated, in general. I’m hoping to prepare more eats at home like the ones I enjoy at Luna’s. And, I’d like to come up with more fruit and vegetable based recipes to enjoy and to share with you guys!

*Local readers – there are still a few more days to update your spice cabinet and save. Head to the Savory Spice Shop in Southend with your old bottles!*

Reader question: How do you keep fruits and vegetables in your daily eats?