Eat in Month 2015 Meal Plan Week 2

Eat in Month 2015 Meal Plan Week 2

Well, I guess I’m slacking a little already since I’m a couple days late with my meal plan, but at least I’m making one? One change I’m doing to be more efficient is to not plan breakfast. As long as I plan my morning to include *a breakfast*, eating breakfast isn’t much of a challenge. I have stocked my pantry so I have plenty of great things to choose from for breakfast. This will save time in my meal planning and let me focus on my real challenge areas – lunch and dinner.

Here’s my plan for the upcoming week of the Eat in Month Challenge 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I had a holiday party on Sunday that was a potluck. Some of my friends at the party asked if this counted as a cheat, but I didn’t think it did, especially since I wasn’t at a restaurant, I wasn’t paying for food, and most of the eats were home-cooked anyways. Do you have any gray area meals coming up? Remember, it’s your challenge, so you can make a call on whether it’s a cheat or not.

  • Lunch: Leftovers (soup)
  • Dinner: Potluck for me (I made my mom’s Filipino sweet rice – I need to share this recipe!) and slow cooker pot roast for hubby

Monday, January 12, 2015

I had a Meetup event after work, so I knew dinner needed to be simple. Since I feel like I may have a bit of a cold (or am coming down with something…no!), I finished off the last of my mom’s Filipino Get Well Soup for an easy dinner.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ok, here’s where we’re really planning. Tuesday is my night for either cooking something more elaborate or focusing on errands/to-dos at the house. I’m feeling a little behind on things, so a simple dinner is sounding good. One of our favorite meals to make is grilled chicken that is simply flavored with a spice blend. We just rub whichever flavor we’re feeling into the chicken and grill away! I love to eat these with steamed vegetables and rice pilaf. We have a bunch of boxed pilafs and will use one of those.

  • Lunch: Pot roast
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken with spice blend, steamed veggies, rice pilaf

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I have a BIG event tonight that I’m so excited about! My Zumba class is moving to a new location! I’ll be doing a second class after mine, so hubby will cook dinner so I’m not eating at midnight. Wednesday is quickly becoming our spaghetti night.

  • Lunch: Sandwich, veg, chips
  • Dinner: Spaghetti and veg

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Class night! Hubby loves grilling, so we’ll make one of my favorite ways to grill chicken that only uses 3 ingredients, too! We’re going to make a double-batch of everything for an easy Friday lunch.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Leftovers – the easiest lunch. I love packing these the night before so I can just grab and go in the morning. I’ve been so tired on Fridays after my crazy-busy work weeks, I’ll look forward to a cozy bowl of this super simple soup.

  • Lunch: Leftover Ginger Soy Grilled Chicken, steamed broccolini, and rice
  • Dinner: Easy Tortellini Soup with toast or rolls

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I have a busy Saturday, so I’m thinking easy eats that are quick and delicious. We haven’t had shrimp in awhile, so I’m going to whip up my favorite way to eat them. I think it’s based on a 30 Minute Meal, but we usually just wing it these days, especially since it’s so easy to make! Let me know if you’d like to know how we cook our shrimp, and I’ll put a recipe together.

  • Lunch: Easy Tortellini Soup with toast or rolls
  • Dinner: Garlic lemon shrimp sautĂ©, Rosemary Garlic Farro, veg


Do you have any meal plan tips? Leave em in a comment or feel free to share your meal plan for the week. Thanks for stopping by!

By the way, it’s never too late to join the Eat in Month Challenge. Click here to learn more about it!

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