Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

Though February was a bit of a fail, planning-wise, I picked things back up in March. I wonder if missing planner spreads had anything to do with it taking awhile to get my stickers up to NYC from back home? Hmm…Here’s my Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical).

Sticker note: All stickers available on Etsy unless otherwise noted. The best way to find the stickers is to google for Etsy plus the shop name, then browse the stickers. I’ve found Etsy sticker shops turn over inventory pretty quickly, so unfortunately, many of these stickers may not be available directly via the shop. However, many shop owners make custom stickers! So, I’d definitely try sending them a private message via Etsy to see if they can still produce an older style. You never know!

Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

My┬áPlanner Decorations in March 2016 really helped me stay organized for the month. They were integral to my travel planning. Also, my new favorite thing to track in my planner? My ClassPass┬áNYC classes! Wait till you see how many I did in March! I’ll be working on that recap shortly, but you can check out February here.

March 2016 Monthly Layout

While I’d gotten back on track with the weekly spreads, my month layout sat mostly empty for a long time. I never got really into decorating or using this one, and as such, didn’t photograph it. I wish I had something better to say about it, but I’m just keeping it real.

I’ve been working on deciding how to best use my monthly layout throughout the year, and I think I’m finally getting around to something I really like. I’ll share a post on how to use the monthly layout when I feel like I have a solid plan for it.

March 2016 Weekly Layouts

March is one of my favorite months to decorate in my Erin Condren LifePlanner because I love the green background colors in the weekly spreads. I definitely have favorite colors to use, and green is one of them because it looks so fresh and happy. It reminds me of the pretty, bright green grass that grows in spring.

Weekly Layout: March 1-6, 2016

Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

I used this purple/pink/green/turquoise floral washi tape as my focal point for the weekly spread. Since there was already so much green in the background colors of the planner, I added pops of pink, purple, and turquoise throughout.

Planner Decoration Supplies Used:

  • Checklists by Soda Pop Studios
  • To-Do and turquoise dot flag sticky note by Erin Condren
  • Weekend banner by Scribble Prints Co
  • Write sticker by Gingerly Done
  • Funny retro sticker by Planner Penny
  • Cacti stickers by Mahal Made
  • Turquoise scalloped rectangle by Lisa V Creations
  • Date Night and page flag stickers by Made by Elissa
  • Gift stickers by Sticker Bloom (fka Ja Love Designs)
  • To-Do circle by It’s Planning Time

Weekly Layout: March 7-13, 2016

Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

I had fun using this kit by It’s Planning Time. I bought a pretty large kit, so I had more than enough stickers for the week. The color combo is a little different from the other color schemes I usually get, so I kept this kit together.

Planner Decoration Supplies Used:

  • Sticker kit by It’s Planning Time

Weekly Layout: March 14-20, 2016

Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

I had been waiting for the perfect spread to use these watercolor stickers for the longest time. I finally saw my chance with this weekly spread in March. Since the watercolor stickers were so colorful, I was able to bring in lots of pops of colors with the other stickers that were in sync with the overall colorway.

I was pretty obvious with my St. Patrick’s Day look last year. This one was a bit more subtle with the strong green color scheme sticking primarily to the 17th, which was the actual date of St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Planner Decoration Supplies Used:

  • Watercolor mini sticker kit by Wendaful Designs
  • Plan, nail polish, and asterisk circle stickers by It’s Planning Time
  • Coral quote box by Erin Condren
  • Yellow patterned half box by Lisa V Creations
  • Coral banner by Gingerly Done
  • St. Patrick’s Day stickers leftover from last year by Oh So Pretty Planner

Weekly Layout: March 21-27, 2016

Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

I bought a HUGE sprinkles sticker kit by Obsessed with Cute. It took forever to make its way from Hawaii to the East Coast, but it was worth the wait. There were four color ways of the sprinkles kit. I used the purple version for this week in my LifePlanner. The kit came with the top/bottom border stickers, plus multiple variations of page flags, teardrops, etc. I added in a couple other icon stickers. My friend Megan shared the adorable Easter stickers with me when she was visiting.

Planner Decoration Supplies Used:

  • Purple sprinkles sticker kit by Obsessed with Cute
  • Purple to-do page flag, pink plan sticker, mail sticker, and pink to-do circle by It’s Planning Time
  • Pink short checklists by Soda Pop Studio
  • Pink TV by Lillie Henry
  • Easter stickers from Papyrus in NYC

Weekly Layout: March 28-31, 2016

Planner Decorations March 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

At this point, most of my washi tape was still back home. So, I did a repeat of the floral tape used earlier in the month (see photo above). I tried varying some of the other stickers used in the spread, while still pulling from the same color scheme.

Planner Decoration Supplies Used:

  • Long page flags, weekend banner, by It’s Planning Time
  • Turquoise stickers with bows by Planner Chick
  • Pink half box with bow by Oh So Pretty Planner
  • Page flags by Made by Elissa
  • Scalloped turquoise sticker by Lisa V Creations
  • Create corner sticker by Pop Fizz Paper

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