ZinCon 2017 Registration Date Announced

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Exciting news…Zumba has announced not only the date of registration, but they’ve also shared the schedule, sessions, and price. Woop!

I received an email with this graphic:

ZinCon 2017 Registration Date Announced

{I’ve linked the above graphic to the official Zumba Convention web site, but if you’re looking at this after the event, you may get re-directed. Zumba usually takes the site down after ZinCon and doesn’t put it back until just before registration}

When Does Zumba Convention Registration Open?

According to this, registration opens February 27th, 2017.

Registration Tip #1: Mark your calendars. The popular sessions go fast, so if you really want to attend the sessions you want, the sooner you register, the better chance you’ll have of getting into your sessions of choice. Trust me, I’ve missed out on sessions before because I waited. Y0u can get to the schedule and sessions on the official Zumba Convention web site here. Note: if you’re reading this after the event, Zumba typically takes the convention site down and you may get redirected.

Registration Tip #2: Did you note the early bird price? You can save $50 by registering early. If you’re on the fence, you have time to decide now.

How Much Does Zumba Convention Cost?

According to the email I received, the Early Bird price is $399 and regular registration is $449.

ZinCon FAQ

I’ve started putting together an FAQ page (here) to help answer your Zumba Convention questions, like:

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Note: I’m not affiliated with Zumba or Zumba Convention. I’m just a big fan who wants to help fellow Zumba enthusiasts by sharing information.

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    • Hi Crystal, They haven’t released a registration time yet. In past years, they don’t always tell us what time registration will open. But, I’ll post it if I find out!


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